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Game 135. Barton looks to improve his Klout score against the Rays 165

Crisp CF, Donaldson 3B, Lowrie SS, Moss RF, Cespedes LF, Smith DH, Barton 1B, Sogard 2B, Vogt C. Sonny Gray I have $5. No I don\'t.

Welcome to the new layout 486

As you can see, the new layout has made its way to the live site. Please post any technical issues, design suggestions, or other comments in this thread. If you post them elsewhere, I may not see them. In the meantime, benefits of the new design include: 1. Responsive layout, which means it should look ...

134- This Game Thread Kills Fascists 312

I figure all the locals are at the park, and the rest of us might check in from time to time, so here’s the appropriate thread. I don’t know what to say other than that…  barbecuing chicken and some ribeyes I got stupid cheap…  got my ol’ buddy here cleaning up in preparation for tomorrow’s ...

The Lounge where something happened on the way to Heaven. 258

Welcome to a special late night Lounge.  I think it was FDR who said it best…”for those who like to lounge, we salute you” So come on in and lounge away…

EB Brunch 9/1 71

Sunday, Ill be around and some people were talking about doing a repeat of the resoundingly successful brunch we did last time I was in town. Because of the closed bridge I am going to be coming to the EB instead of making you all schlep into the city. I know Witchy and slingers have ...

Game 133 – (In) Motown (Balfour s)Hits (the bed) 363

Can they really keep doing this? Day game, no local TV, Fosse’s in the radio booth with VC and Roxie. Joy ensues.

The Lounge Where Mamas Let Their Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys 654

It’s time for a new lounge, for the sake of the phone dwellers.

Game 132: Still Funny 341

Athletics Crisp, C, CF Donaldson, J, 3B Lowrie, J, SS Moss, B, RF Cespedes, Y, LF Barton, D, 1B Callaspo, A, DH Sogard, E, 2B Suzuki, K, C

The Lounge where I’m already gone. 622

Hi friends, welcome to another Lounge here on (at least for now). In this lounge we’ll talk about our hopes and our dreams or make jokes about Daric Barton…so come on in and help us take it to the limit one more time. Lounge away, Krauters.

Game 131: Shave the Tiger 432

Irrelevant Music Blather: So let’s begin by saying if you’ve just got the new Dylan set (hint: it’s stunning) home and are flummoxed by what isn’t on it, I’ve got you totally covered right here. Cross that one off the bucket list for one of those hardcore heretics (moi) that thinks that record (hated more ...