May ← 2012 ← FREE KRAUT!

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05-30-12 Lounge: Eight! We’re great! 404

We lost. Again. Come in and Lounge. Ass grabs are free. That’s the only thing we have to look forward to these days.

Game 51: We’ve lost seven straight, going on eight straight 314

I’m putting up this game thread, then will completely ignore it as I (thankfully) have to work. I could post lineups, but frankly, what difference will it make.

50 Games to heave your lunches 423

As someone wise once wrote: The problem is all your offensive philosophy The answer is easy if you take a called strike three I’d like to help you in your quest for LOB There must be fifty ways to leave your runners Weeks 2B, Cowgill LF, Reddick RF, Smith DH, Inge 3B, Ka’aihue 1B, Suzuki ...

June 5th Tickets are in hand-If you requested Tickets to this game please read this post! 106

Hello, I don’t know the best way to do this, so I will just go this route. For everybody who told me that they would like to attend the game on June  5th versus the Texas Rangers I have the tickets in hand. I am not sure about the best way to get them to ...

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Game 49, the one where we remember pig played in oakland last year 281

1. nm bait 2. #Athletics @ #Twins: Weeks 2B, Crisp CF, Reddick RF, Gomes DH, Inge 3B, Suzuki C, Ka’aihue 1B, Cowgill LF, Rosales SS — Jane Lee (@JaneMLB) May 28, 2012 3. This is not how that works, buddy 4. Just happy to be here

Mad Men – Season 5, Episode 11 – Jaguar 7

The show’s most important female characters took center stage in what could turn out to be the pivotal episode of the series.

Yankee go home. Game 48 254

#Athletics lineup: Weeks 2B Crisp CF Reddick RF Smith LF Ka'Aihue DH Donaldson 3B Barton 1B Suzuki C Pennington SS Milone P — Ben Estes (@benestes91) May 27, 2012 SNAFU.