October ← 2012 ← FREE KRAUT!

The Trick or Treat Lounge… 605

…where Poppy’s only Halloween treat is some nasty crud she gets to drink in preparation for, uh, some routine followup trick that will be performed on her tomorrow morning. Just figured hey, keep tripping over the rosterbating, so new Lounge… why not! I might be around here & there… now & then… when it’s safe…

Fake Trade Thread or Where DFA Trades All Your Favorite Players: Profar Edition 59

OAK   Josh Reddick, Miles Head  -> Tampa Bay TBR   David Price -> Texas TEX   Jurickson Profar -> Oakland TEX   Hanser Alberto -> Tampa Bay Total Hauls Oakland: Jurickson Profar Tampa: Josh Reddick, Miles Head and Hanser Alberto Texas: David Price Breakdown: The A’s have need a shortstop for like a brazilion and ...

Grill 103012: Be vewy, vewy quiet 409

I’m huntin hipsters: From this fantastic assemblage of brilliant/insane kludges. Oakland resident wins “Genius Grant.” Is it holiday season yet? Eid say yes! I did not know that non-citizen victims of some crimes can qualify for special visas. Grill away.

DFA v grover! Yay the offseason has officially begun! 312

Off the top of my head: If DFA got to Nuke the A’s Crisp would be gone. Balfour would be gone. (That’s 4.5 Wins that the A’s needed in 2012) Weeks would be gone. (Hey, not every move woulda been a negative!) No idea if Sexy Pants makes his way to the Green & Gold. ...

The Lounge where you can avoid social media 114

“People ask me what I do in winter when there’s no baseball.  I’ll tell you what I do.  I stare out the window and wait for spring.” — Rogers Hornsby

The Lounge where it’s hip to be here. 249

Not a great day…my dad broke his hip this morning and he’s going to have surgery on Tuesday. After he gets out of the hospital he’s going to be living with us until he’s healed up. For the next 2-3 months I probably won’t be around much on FK so I thought I’d throw up a ...

Off Season FKup Bucket List 136

Slinger’s Solstice Soiree Bowling Witches Super Bowl Party St. George’s Spirits SF Brewery crawl Southern Pacific Brewery City Beer Store Thirsty Bear 21rst Amendment Beer Revolution/Souly Vegan Nightlife at the Academy of Sciences Bocce Ball at Make Westing Tamale making party Other thoughts?

My Small Denouncement 514

I miss so many grills and lounges that I’m probably listing only things that were already linked to, because they are pretty old

The Lounge where the World Series is still going on or something. 436

Day 3 of this being a Joe Buck free zone.

My big announcement 241

Here it also servers as my ecomonic plan…google it. 1. Sigh, there has to be more to it? 2. I think I am going to make the Future futures write to all the teams. 3. I am with Charlie