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DDJ->Cubs 86

#Cubs reach agreement with David DeJesus. Will be their everyday right fielder. #MLB — Ken Rosenthal (@Ken_Rosenthal) November 30, 2011

The Age of FanFKtion 39

Man, the fog the last 2 days in SF has been awesome. NEEDS MOAR TROUGH URINALS Hm. Think we’ll have to walk up the hill to see the giant gingerbread house at the Fairmont. That is some totally sweet viral-video marketing by the folks at Frito-Lay He extracted a promise from them to EAT MORE ...

Neither reasonable, nor fair, nor adequate 197

RIP Ken Russell. His run of films in the early ’70s really is incredible. GkGK’s appreciation. You know, for kids! (I had no idea it was invented in SF.) I’m frankly surprised MLBAM let me do this: What Duncan Black said Jed Rakoff for human of the year

Red Ruff Friday 108

Warning! Muppet Musings Ahead 120

Now that the new CBA has been ratified and the details have been (mostly) explained, we can take a detailed look at where the A’s stand heading into the 2012 season. All projected arbitration salaries are, of course, projections and could differ from what unfolds down the road but the guys at MLBTR make a ...

Our little circumscribed objects of reverence 115

Bloom bait: Muppets + Nabokov Very interesting piece by ML on one of the hidden surprises in the new MLB labor agreement: A’s may be constitutionally phased out of revenue sharing Team Narrows Managerial Search To Angry Guy, Nondescript Base Coach, Experienced Guy, Guy With Glasses — Scott Weber (@LookoutLanding) November 23, 2011 Sometimes Drum ...

Kraut is a food product, essentially 233

Hunh? Mariners among teams that have inquired about Andrew Bailey. Odds of him being traded, in this seller's market, appear to be about 100 pct. — Buster Olney (@Buster_ESPN) November 21, 2011 No LoMo No Yo Evaluator on Cespedes: "big-time tools guy, going to get way over top $$$. Timing for him is great since ...

Jumping the chimpsharktypus 93

Hunh? If A's cannot move to San Jose, when the Dodgers have a real owner, don't be surprised if Billy Beane ends up in L.A. — Peter Gammons (@pgammo) November 21, 2011 I guess I agree with ML — all the parts are still in motion, nothing settled. As mentioned previously, Bailey->Reds under discussion … ...

Take Your Best Shot 49

Need pics or youtube clips of overhand, three-quarters, sidearm, submarine pitches, of favourite pitchers (actual players, not pathology or mechanics), for a series of drawings for JP. Thanks muchly.

StAy 33

… -k and eggs and hashbrowns for brunch today. Perhaps a daytrip up to Healdsburg? Impromptu North Bay FREEvent/FKup? (I think I like that new latter term better.)