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Game 1: A’s v White Sox-Dawn of Something 188

So, we are here yet again. Well, some of us are here. I imagine a bunch of us as usual are heading to the OACC and enjoying a proper watching of big flags and long introductions. For us NRAFs and those averse to big crowds however we have a real Game thread. I have gone ...

The Lounge where we hold hands and sing 406

Another day. Another Lounge.

December Lounge: Winter in My Heart 363

November came and went. Here’s another Lounge.

Game 108: First game s/p Cespedes 223

Aoki, N, RF Infante, O, 2B Gordon, A, LF Perez, S, C Moustakas, M, 3B Butler, B, 1B Ibanez, R, DH Escobar, A, SS Dyson, J, CF SP- Jeremy Guthrie Fuld, S, CF Jaso, J, C Donaldson, J, 3B Moss, B, LF Lowrie, J, SS Vogt, S, 1B Reddick, J, RF Callaspo, A, DH Sogard, ...

Sochi. 334

There’s some Olympics going on. All I know so far: Bob Costas has pinkeye, which South Park tells me means he will be a zombie shortly. Kyli Bait. Vernon Davis is the US Curling Team’s honorary captain! meta stuff: 51M over budget, hotels aren’t done being built, some places have no running water. Oops. SPOILER ...

The Off-Season, Sitting At Home On A Saturday Night Lounge/Grill/Place To Kill Time Until The Sweet Release Of Death 467

How’s everyone doing? With baseball on hiatus, the 49ers on a bye, and the Sharks having just lost again, I’m not in the best of moods. Let us speak of such things as to put smiles on our faces and perhaps require us to change our underwear. Happy Diwali! I tried a sugar-free candy bar ...

The Walking Thread: S4, E2 – Infected 53

Speaking of infected, I’m filling in for Oz this week.

The Cherry Poppin’ Lounge 334

Wherein Ozz loses his post virginity.  And talks about himself in the 3rd person.

Game 42…it’s getting eerie 284

So we had the same 20-20 record..BMac goes on the DL on the exact same date, and we are starting to tank just like last year? Can I use this Groundhog Day scenario to my advantage?. We join this game thread already in progress…B1 still scoreless.

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