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The Lounge where there’s always one more tomorrow. 515

I’m not sure we need a new lounge, but this is going to be my last one for a couple of months, so I’m putting a new one up…lounge away if you wish.

The Solstice Party to End All Solstice Parties 147

It’s been mentioned on here before, ms. s and I have spoken to many of you about it in person, and now here’s the official announcement of our annual Winter Solstice Party. Being the heathen that I am, this has been an annual holiday tradition in our household for years. And this year, of course, ...

The Lounge where we dive into the shallow end of the pool. 366

The time…is 11:24 CST…The setting…is the place in between…The idea…That you must get down to be down…y’all.

Weird Week Thursday Grill 120

I am having an anticlimactic week preparing for stuff and not having anything happen. But i did fall down the stairs at work, so there is that. 1. Collecting Astros Scott Moore 2. DFABAIT 3. Can’t put my finger on what is wrong with this picture.

The Lounge where we turn the lights down low. 369

Welcome to this mellow place we call the lounge. Feel free to post whatever strikes your fancy.

Marvin Miller Grill 353

Pierce NYT Selig

The Lounge where I can feel it coming in the air tonight. 433

and hit the drum part!….okay, now lounge.

Southernmost A’s fan 39

That’s the ceremonial South Pole, which is a couple hundred feet away from the actual South Pole. The actual South Pole has to be moved periodically to account for the glacial flow of the ice. Current weather is -25°F with 18 knot wind (-56°F with wind chill).

Guess that player 49

This time the guessing is not based on stats, but visual evidence.   The place is Središće, Zagreb, my first baseball field. The year is 1989. Everybody but one person in this picture are neighborhood kids, members of OBK Središće, later BK Zagreb Wild Boars. The guy pitching is not. Guess that player

The Lounge where only you know and I know. 628

Black Friday will be turning into Small Business Saturday soon…followed by Raiders Losing Again Sunday. It’s late in the evening but there’s still time to lounge.