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80 Grade Game Thread Tool 70

Game 79 Vulture Game Thread 30

A’s lead 4-0 on 2-run homers from Reddick and Davis. Oh, they’re playing the Rockies.

78 revolutions a minute. I want it now. 36

BaseRuns at an acceptable level? We say go stuff your acceptable level Burns sogard vogt zobrist reddick butler davis muncy fuld for Chuy I have $5. No I don\'t.

77: Royal Pain in the Ass 7

Just now, I think theirs is the better team. How godawful wretched is that? VOGT IS IN THE LINE-UP! Royals SS: Alcides Escobar 3B: Mike Moustakas CF: Lorenzo Cain 1B: Eric Hosmer DH: Kendrys Morales LF: Alex Gordon C: Salvador Perez RF: Alex Rios 2B: Omar Infante SP: Chris Young Athletics CF: Sam Fuld 3B: Brett Lawrie DH: Stephen Vogt LF: Ben Zobrist RF: Josh Reddick C: Josh Phegley 1B: Ike Davis ...

Spirit of 76 Royals at home 24

Sogard, lawrie, vogt, Zobrist, Reddick, butler, davis, semien, fuld Dammit Kendrys just hit a home run. I don’t like that guy.

Over The Rainbow Lounge and Grill 287

My artfully constructed audio montage of 11 years of marriage equality legal battles made Kate Kendall choke up in the studio, so I’ve got that going for me, which is nice. For the price of a 2 BR condo in Daly City, you can get one of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s old pads in Saint Paul. ...

Game 75: Time to pay the fiddler 26

So I got greedy yesterday and swooped in and wrote a thread while we were up big. Hopefully I can have good luck today. We are well under way with Breakfast with the A’s. Bottom 4, and the evil Mitch Moreland just went deep to give the Rangers a 1-0 lead.

Game 74: I like this kind of party 47

In progress. Lawrie with a grand slam and we are already up 5-0.

Game 73 got a soft machine 137

Because there aren’t too many songs I can think of mentioning Arlington, Alice…Dallas Alice. This lineup faces the Rangers’ Chi Chi Gonzalez. ¡Ándale! ¡Ándale! ¡Arriba! ¡Arriba! Burns CF, Sogard 2B, Zobrist LF, Reddick RF, Butler DH, Davis 1B, Lawrie 3B, Phegley C, Semien SS behind Chavez P. Adrian Beltre is off the DL and in ...

Game 72 Kazmir v Richards 53

this game has disaster written all over it A's vs. Angels (RH Richards): Burns CF, Semien SS, Vogt C, Zobrist 2B, Reddick RF, Lawrie 3B, Davis 1B, Canha DH, Fuld LF; Kazmir P — Jane Lee (@JaneMLB) June 21, 2015 remember that time the A’s pounded richards? that was fun