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The Walking Thread: S4, E2 – Infected 53

Speaking of infected, I’m filling in for Oz this week.

October (Bernie On) 36

I was inspired after tonight’s game. This makes no assumptions; this is in celebration (heh) of how far this team has come and the thrilling season they’ve given us so far! I can’t get over, how the A’s are in games in October How they never believe that it’s over Never looking at yesterday ...

Post-Game Cathartic Relief Lounge 341

Let’s just talk (tawk?) it out tonight. And don’t forget to try on your Thundershirt to prepare for tomorrow’s inevitable victory and postgame fireworks.

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DLD 04/06/09 and Game 1 Thread 114

via Bullpen Baker via LA Times Let’s. Do. This.


Um … why does this make me feel uncomfortable? He comes off almost as a dilettante who wants to move out of his old neighborhood but wants the new neighborhood to come to him.

DLD 03/28/09: Is this thing on? 98

Post author: salb918 As long as we’ve got a new blog, we might as well get the action started. Vince Shlomi, of ShamWOW! fame, has been arrested on charges of felony aggravated battery: According to Shlomi, 44, on Feb. 7 he met a prostitute named Sasha Harris at a nightclub and pre-paid her $1,000 for ...