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10 days: The roster scramble grill 211

I expect the April 8 Opening Day roster will include 3 or 4 guys not in the A’s organization at this writing. There will likely be some out-of-options players available via waivers who are better than #25-28 on the A’s roster right now. That’s even without taking into account the Manaea and/or Montas (and Laureano?) ...

March Sadness Grill 248

There was a time, not so very long ago, when this was my absolute favorite time on the sports calendar. Spring training underway, with bat cracks and green grass after dreary months without, and the NCAA hoops tournament, with wall-to-wall drama and socially acceptable wagering. In both cases, for me, often with actual real hopes ...

Cactus Free Grill 260

By now we’d all be tired of Spring Training games and angry about the good players being gone anyway.

Groundhog Day grill: Rob Manfred sees his shadow 249

It means there will be six more weeks of lockout (at least). Actually that is about my (wild) guess. Players report to spring training on March 15, season opens on April 15, lost games are just wiped out rather than rescheduled (so the A’s would lose 7 at home, 4 LAA and 3 DET, and ...

Out with the old, in with the nucleus 249

A new year deserves a new post, eventually. And so much has changed. Klay’s back in a Warriors uniform. The NFL regular season ended. The SEC Championship do-over is tonight. And the US has solved COVID, rebuilt the economy, and ended the creeping slide into fascism. OK so not everything has changed. At least the ...

Wonderful Grillmastime 240

First present about to arrive, for those who celebrate: Hearing The City of Oakland will be releasing the Howard Terminal EIR tomorrow morning. It will be 3500 pages. — Casey Pratt (@CaseyPrattABC7) December 16, 2021

Mid-November Grill 247

Syndergaard is an Angel, on a 1-year deal. That’s a lot of money for a guy who has pitched 2 innings in the last 2 years. Renato Nunez is a Ham Fighter. (Yeah, yeah, I know.) Jon Gruden is an asshole. Rhesus macaques

Detroit, Mishegas (132-134) 172

Seems like several years ago the A’s swept these guys in Oakland. They’re better now, from what I hear.

@ Not Yet Guardians 113-15 115

They are still wearing the old name on their shirts today.

At the Scioscias, games 46, 47, 48 139

After slipping into second place, the A’s finally start playing some of the lesser division opponents. I don’t know who any of their outfielders are. Rendon, Walsh, and Ohtani are good. Fletcher will somehow get 5 hits in 4 at-bats every day, but at least Scioscia is batting him 9th today. But it’s the pitching ...