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Games 157-159: stopping the bleeding 138

The Oakland A’s begin the last week of their season today in the county of Oranges. They look to at least try and slow slegnA’s charge to the playoffs. I am posting this early to clean up the mess I have made of the last week of titles. I am sure lineups will be posted ...

Games 155-158. The Bay Bridge..who cares? 151

This 3 game set will be highlighted by Zito-Huddy on Saturday and the Big 3 together on Sunday. The fact that this is the highlight tells you all you need to know about the teams. Technically the Gnats still have a chance, so hopefully we can kill that. But the guy who has been imitating ...

Games 151-154: This is a real Aces post! 64

I imagine these games will be lost to our memories forever as nothing more than the count down to Hudson/Zito. I will probably start watching as soon as the Grizzlies complete their destruction of Columbus and become the champs of AAA. (Shouldnt this mean we get promoted to MLB? To dream…) Camelot sure fell apart, ...

Games 148-150 in Baghdad on the Bayou 120

The A’s Texas-Illinois-Texas road trip concludes with a trio of games at Enron Field. The Astros, having dropped 2.5 games behind the Rangers in the division, are suddenly struggling to hang on to their #2 wild card berth, as they enter the series leading the Twins by 1.5 games and the Angels by 2.5 games. ...

Games 144, 145, 146, and 147 in the City of the Big Shoulders 202

  They tell me you are wicked and I believe them, for I have seen your painted women under the gas lamps luring the farm boys. So I hope Bob is conducting strict bed checks tonight. Game 1 of the series is in progress.

The Arizona/Colorado Trip (photo-heavy) 11

Before I get into this, I’ll give you a direct link to the MLB games I’ve attended this season, found here. There are nine of them, and that’s where it will probably stay as I don’t have any plans at this point to go back up to Seattle for the final series of the season. ...

Games 141-143: In the Kingdom of Kula Kola 53

(The Rangers’ alleged scoreboard sponsor, according to Gameday, because we already had a lock on Otter Pops.) I hate it when I make a game thread and they’re already three runs down.

Games 138-140: Not Bo Porter’s Lastros 130

I sense I’m not the only one who is only watching an inning or two per game the last couple weeks. But today I’m letting the last of the summer tourists and the Burning Man refugees leave, and tomorrow night’s matchup of Sonny Gray vs. Scott Kazmir is legitimately interesting. Wednesday night’s Aaron Brooks start…well, ...

Sunday night Lounge 282

Today was a weird day. Let’s kill some time.

Games 135 – 137: Seattle at Oakland 140

As has been pointed out already, today is the anniversary of win #20. This weekend pits two disappointing teams. Thread away, FKers.