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December Lounge: Winter in My Heart 363

November came and went. Here’s another Lounge.

The Lounge where I’ll be absent, but others might not, so here it is. 143

It’s getting to be that time of year, where I’m working so late that I can’t sleep no matter how tired I am, because I can’t get the inside of my head to just shut the fuck up. But I’m going to try (to shut my head up and sleep tonight, that is), so that’s ...

It’s March. Let’s lounge. 607

One more month until opening day. Add your own comments.

Fresh lounge smell 567

Is it FanFest yet? Also, if anyone has a Scentsy (got one for Christmas)… what scents do you recommend? I’m definitely loving frankincense & myrrh. (No gold, I know, right?)

December 2 LOUNGE! 190

This is how we lounge…

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