FREE KRAUT! ← Thanks to you I’m going to spend the whole night overly conscious of my stupid pants.

The Golden 5th Road Trip to Unlimited Devolution 61

That’s a deep cut for the heads out there. At nine games this is actually the A’s longest road trip of 2023. Good practice for 2024’s 162 game road trip. Answer: Miami, Pittsburgh, and Milwaukee Question: What are three cities I’d just as soon have colonoscopies as visit, Alex? "Kraut will get you through times ...

Home Fifth: The L Word 87

Kotsay might be thinking of a different home fifth. In his playing days he was known as a wine guy; I gotta imagine it’s straight hard liquor now. It was inevitable that we’d be talking about losing this year. Riding an eight game losing streak, returning home for two series against very strong teams, then ...

Trip #4: The road goes on forever and bad pitching never ends 190

It’s a divisional trip, as the A’s spend the weekend in Robert Earl Keen’s hometown, facing the Astros in a Friday night game and then afternoon games on Saturday and Sunday. From there it’s on to Seattle for four night games vs. the Mariners. Bang your trash can to the rhythm of this one.

Homestand 4: Ranger Danger 135

Only 114 days till the Man burns, by which time we’ll know whether the AAs quest for historic ineptitude is really for real. Current projection is -605. Next steps on the trail, 4 against the AL West leading Rangers and 3 against the NL West 2nd placed Diamondbacks.

Rooms to let for 50 cents, #3: Kansas City and New York 109

First stop is in one of the A’s increasingly numerous ancestral homes, Paris of the Plains. It is where Green and Gold became the team colors, but aside from that the franchise history there is pretty dang forgettable. The A’s are 6-26, the Royals are 8-24 and if either team gets swept, it should be ...

Homestand 3: Red M&M 166

The original voice actor for the red M&M was Mel Blanc, who was succeeded by Ian MacKelleon, which I originally misread as Ian McKellen, which would have been some fine trivia. 3 vs the Reds including Earth Day a week late (featuring a breakfast tailgate) and a Tony Kemp poster, an off-day, and 3 vs ...

Road 2: The One After the Terrible Thing Happened 125

Ken and Vince both very emotional in their radio open. "Kraut will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no kraut."

Homestand 2: Four-letter words 240

Yes, this A’s team brings out the expletives. Now it’s Mets and Cubs. They visit on a quick six-game homestand, hoping to feast on the Athletics and their league-worst 3-10 record. In a quirk of the new schedule, by the end of the month the A’s will have hosted more teams from the National League ...

GDTRFB #1: Tampa Bay and Baltimore 144

Emphasis on the “FB”, I’m afraid. Don’t want to be treated this-a-way, but that’s how it goes some seasons. First off, the A’s are going where the climate suits my clothes, in April anyway, for three in the hideous Trop. The weather really is nice in Florida in April, not too humid, not too hot, ...

Homestand 1 – Angels & Guardians 241

A stuttering start, with an off day between Opening Day and the weekend’s two afternoon games against the Angels, and another after the Guardians leave town and the A’s head to Florida.