FREE KRAUT! ← Blah blah blah fine thats a valid position.

At the Metrodome 40, 41, 42 4

Montas v Shoemaker Irvin v Barrios bassitt v Maeda A game and a half lead hopefully that can be preserved for the showdown next week.

In the Fens, 37-39 120

Eovaldi vs. Bassitt Eduardo Rodriguez vs. Kaprielian Garrett Richards vs. Manaea All 4:10 PDT starts

The other Dunedin 35, 35, 36 212

The Jays neighbors, the rays come in for three Manaea v old friend rich hill montas v handsome Glasnow Braden v big game Shields A tough weekend, hopefully the dodgers can take care of business with the angels

Games 30-33: Dunedin at Oakland 261

For those geographically challenged as to Florida, Dunedin is on the Gulf (actually Saint Joseph Sound, as there’s a barrier island out there) directly west of Tampa and north of St. Petersburg. A Rays-Jays road trip would be nice, aside from having to see games in the Trop. TD Ballpark is just a few hundred ...

On a westbound charter home to host the Orioles for Games 27-29 146

A Peanutball joint. "Kraut will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no kraut."

Games 23-26: Pinball Wizards 211

#Athletics Melvin, on challenges of playing at #Rays Trop: "It's unique here. At times it feels like you're playing in a pinball machine with all the rings and ground rules.'' — Marc Topkin (@TBTimes_Rays) April 26, 2021 Monday at 4:10: Manaea vs. Rich Hill Tuesday at 4:10: Montas vs. Michael Wacha Wednesday at 4:10: Irvin ...

Mancini and Company 162

Matt Harvey is on this team? there is…others as well. Likely 25 other players. All fine players, it’s just hard to pay attention. NO Canha “under the weather” While we were waiting to publish Matt Olson got a hit and there was nothing else. Ray is on the radio. I don’t know where this is ...

Haiku Off Day 40

In the spirit of Ice Cream’s most excellent new filking effort, I thought I’d bring another old tradition back. Instead of Haiku Friday, though, let’s make it a Haiku Off Day. I’m guessing there will be fewer of them. Got mask in pocket If I don’t put it on soon I’ll make you more tense

The Wait 12

“Extra load? Not me, I’m not taking no load.” -Ramon Laureano I pulled in from 66th, was feelin’ about half past dead I just need some place to straighten out my head “Hey, Montas, can you throw me some shut-out ball instead?” He just grinned and looked at me, “run support” was all he said ...

Twin prime conjecture 207

My conjecture is that the Twins suck. All their doughnuts have names that sound like prostitutes. And run differential doesn’t win games, Einstein Steven Stigler, if that is your real name. Tuesday A: Manaea vs Shoemaker Tuesday B: Luzardo vs Dressmaker Wednesday: Montas vs Cheesemaker "Kraut will get you through times of no money better ...