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Series Thread 1: So this is really happening? A’s-Phils Games 1-3 174

So the A’s are opening the season in Philadelphia for the 1st time since 1954. A lot has changed since then. Back in ’54 the A’s were a team with serious payroll issues and possibly under the threat of moving… It’s OPENING DAY ACES-BE HAPPY! Here is your A’s Opening Day lineup: — Jessica ...

A’s welcome The Irvine slegnA. Game 96-97 166

We may be taking on water. Everyone may be more focused on a city council meeting tomorrow. I may not be able to watch. But damnit we will have a series thread. Ohtani-Irvin Suarez-Kaprielian Camelot sure fell apart, didn't it? -Steve McCatty

Game 1: A’s v White Sox-Dawn of Something 188

So, we are here yet again. Well, some of us are here. I imagine a bunch of us as usual are heading to the OACC and enjoying a proper watching of big flags and long introductions. For us NRAFs and those averse to big crowds however we have a real Game thread. I have gone ...

Games 151-154: This is a real Aces post! 64

I imagine these games will be lost to our memories forever as nothing more than the count down to Hudson/Zito. I will probably start watching as soon as the Grizzlies complete their destruction of Columbus and become the champs of AAA. (Shouldnt this mean we get promoted to MLB? To dream…) Camelot sure fell apart, ...

Game 90: Is this thing on? 36

Almost half way through the game. We are up 1-0. The Hound is certainly making the case to move Kaz quickly. We have a lineup out there. Most of the usual suspects in the usual order. No Canadian, Keebs at 3B. Camelot sure fell apart, didn't it? -Steve McCatty

77: Royal Pain in the Ass 7

Just now, I think theirs is the better team. How godawful wretched is that? VOGT IS IN THE LINE-UP! Royals SS: Alcides Escobar 3B: Mike Moustakas CF: Lorenzo Cain 1B: Eric Hosmer DH: Kendrys Morales LF: Alex Gordon C: Salvador Perez RF: Alex Rios 2B: Omar Infante SP: Chris Young Athletics CF: Sam Fuld 3B: Brett Lawrie DH: Stephen Vogt LF: Ben Zobrist RF: Josh Reddick C: Josh Phegley 1B: Ike Davis ...

Game 75: Time to pay the fiddler 26

So I got greedy yesterday and swooped in and wrote a thread while we were up big. Hopefully I can have good luck today. We are well under way with Breakfast with the A’s. Bottom 4, and the evil Mitch Moreland just went deep to give the Rangers a 1-0 lead.

Game 43: The team’s play makes us say ‘Eck” 67

Once again in progress. It is safe to say that we wont be comparing GT records this year. We are in TB, tomorrow Wash gets to start stroking the ego of Semien telling him every throw is amazing and he is a “gunning machine” or some such nonsense.

Game 33: An Unfair Game 56

I always feel like I’m committing some kind of social faux pas when I post a game thread before the game actually starts, but that’s how I roll. I get “fashionably  late” – nobody wants to be the first to arrive – but, heck, if you want me to show up at 8:45 don’t ask me to ...

Game 30: A Healthy distraction 61

I almost forgot we had a day game. It is sprinkling and overcast in the central valley-a perfect day to have some coffee and Irish Cream while we watch the A’s take on the Twins.