February ← 2012 ← FREE KRAUT!

The Lounge where you have to get in to get out. 288

I’m here….I’m drinking diet root beer….get used to it.

Twenty years later, I’m in WAR again 165

Shameless self-promotion

Justified – Season 3, Episode 7 – Achilles heels 2

It all seemed to click this week, for the first time this season. 

April 21? 48

So, last chance to weigh in on which date we convene the second annual official FK Day. So if anyone knows any reason why FK and this date should not join in holy FKuppery, speak now or forever hold your peace complain vociferously. Once I unilaterally decide that this is the date we reach finger-wiggling ...

The Lounge where you have to ask yourself….do you feel lucky? 488

Well, do you….punk?

Si, motherFKer 83

Maury Brown thinks MLB will get an expanded-playoff deal done this week Holy crap, Albert Belle looks old I’ve never [seen?] anybody do the moonwalk in spikes. McCarthy #1, Bartolo #2, and … {facepalm} Forst said the team will explore the free agent and trade market for third base options in light of Scott Sizemore’s ...

Content Removed 646

Content Removed

The Lounge where Bloom wins best polar bear in a motion picture. 583

Today’s lounge will be filmed in black and white and without sound which is what I hear the kids like these days in their lounges and films.

Celebrigundi 58

JP and I just met Eddie Cicotte! He was walking (presumably down from one of the hotels on Nob Hill) down Mason to the ACT.

Lounge: Anyone Lose a Weird-Looking Izzard? 742

Needless to say, this makes the Death Star even more affordable.