A’s sweep ← FREE KRAUT!

A Grill, a Bowl, and Thou 346

I used to get excited to gamble on football. Now it just seems like so much work. I just don’t care about the other 31 teams, which kinda seems like a prerequisite. Someone does care about your fantasy team…so they can screw you. The only bet I’m really enthused about today is from the prop ...

Game 75: Time to pay the fiddler 26

So I got greedy yesterday and swooped in and wrote a thread while we were up big. Hopefully I can have good luck today. We are well under way with Breakfast with the A’s. Bottom 4, and the evil Mitch Moreland just went deep to give the Rangers a 1-0 lead.

Probably not the final grill, but a Finals Grill 167

Seeing as how the Grill is quite buried and the W’s are playing for a title, I figured we could kill 2 birds and get a new place to yak up.

This is the Grilling of the Age of Aquarius! 628

Welcome to the new epoch. I’m excited for the possibilities…transcending hatred, encountering new alien life, extending our consciousness beyond the bounds of this mortal coil. Good times. Still, I can’t help but be a little scared too. Furious true believers get better-armed in more places around the world daily. The Large Hadron could twiddle the ...

Southernmost A’s fan 39

That’s the ceremonial South Pole, which is a couple hundred feet away from the actual South Pole. The actual South Pole has to be moved periodically to account for the glacial flow of the ice. Current weather is -25°F with 18 knot wind (-56°F with wind chill).

This is How You Fall in Love 25

I’ve been reminiscing about the season a lot this past week, so I decided to write something. It’s pretty much a jumble, but I thought I’d share it anyway:   This is how you fall in love. Attend Fan Fest and be surprised and slightly irritated at the number of people there. Finally accept that ...

October (Bernie On) 36

I was inspired after tonight’s game. This makes no assumptions; this is in celebration (heh) of how far this team has come and the thrilling season they’ve given us so far! http://dl.dropbox.com/u/34019814/October.mp3 I can’t get over, how the A’s are in games in October How they never believe that it’s over Never looking at yesterday ...

Game 98 – Grilled cyanocitta cristata 340

#Athletics at #BlueJays: Crisp CF, Gomes RF, Reddick DH, Cespedes LF, Carter 1B, Inge 3B, Suzuki C, Hicks SS, Weeks 2B. Milone P. — Susan Slusser (@susanslusser) July 26, 2012 Anyhoo, this headline about “making history” somehow doesn’t sound right, eh? And, uh, Hanley? It’s “LA,” not, “JA.” Twitter broke while I was scavenging for ...

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