July ← 2016 ← FREE KRAUT!

A’s in Cleveland + Trade Deadline Mutterings 173

Let’s talk it out.

Arlington again. three games 191

started well, now its a alcoholic something something

Rays visit a nicer stadium, 96-99 140

It’s not often our Oakland lads host a team with a crappier ballpark than them. Not to mention a crappier record! Starting tonight Tampa gets to spend four lovely days appreciating an edifice which was built to last. There’s a whiff of something in the air. Smells like…victory. "Kraut will get you through times of ...

Games 93, 94 and 95 96

Fiers v Graveman, Kuechel v Overton, Fister v Megden I am off this week, but not going to any games because I am super lame. Today is Crisp in center garden, lowrie occupies the grass and dirt midway between first and second, Reddick soaks in his last monday in oakland, valencia is not quite dead ...

Game 90-92 Blue jays 131

Mengden after the break. We all saw that coming.

Live from San Diego, it’s the David Ortiz Slurpfest! 72

Pay very close attention or you’ll miss Stephen Vogt’s 15 seconds on camera (it will be on split-screen during the field reporter’s interview with Ortiz after he’s removed from the game). All your favorite FOX comedy and drama stars will be shown in the stands, along with Jared from Subway, appearing live from a shower ...

86-89: Ruh roh, A’s at Astros 113

Can’t call them the Lastros anymore. A’s need to win today, or they will become the Lastletics. Putting this up just in case people actually still want to comment on the games.

July 2nd Signing Period, or There’s Always 2023 14

For those of you who can’t muster enthusiasm over the amateur drafts, the July 2nd international signing period is probably even worse. Scouting 16 year old kids is little better than throwing darts. The A’s have a track record of being active in international signings. Some successful (Tejada) and some disappointing (Ynoa, Prieto). But in ...

@ the twins, don’t worry, we all forgot it was happening 65

July 23rd: Tailgate & “Day on the Green” Fireworks 16

Saturday July 23rd, A’s/Rays. Pre-game tailgate, 6pm game, post-game fireworks to music from “Day on the Green” performers. Still lots of tickets available, from $18 Value Deck to $40 special package with commemorative blanket. I’ll bring a keg. Who’s in? If this is His will, He's a son of a bitch.