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Justified – Season 6, Episode 2 – Choo Choo 2

There will be many things to miss when Justified wraps up its final season. Its effortless way with dialogue is one of them.

Oakland-only Grill 412

A collection of links that all have something to do with Oakland and/or the A’s. No stinkin South Bay links. Here’s the view from the Value Deck right now: Stomper’s a good bet to show up for any event with an open bar: Had a blast crashing Liz & Ed's wedding!! Congrats you two lovebirds!! ...

Justified – Season 6, Episode 1 – Back to Its Roots 8

I’ve been rewatching the second season of Breaking Bad recently, having convinced my wife to watch it at last. And something struck me, while watching the final season premiere of Justified last night.

Front Row Seats 2015 118

You all know the drill … this year it’s $44 per seat + $10 VIP parking (except for free parking days) for $98 per game. Put your requests in the comments and I’ll collate them here; the first set of requests will be submitted in a week or two. Thanks andeux for the table-formatting.

FKing season tickets – 2015 44

So I just got the A’s latest ad for season ticket renewals (“buy now before tickets go on sale at 1/28”) and realized that with everything going on here and the newly-complicated rules, that I just can’t run it this year. So this is notice of that and an opportunity to start thinking about what ...

The Lounge where we say hello to 2015 339

A new lounge to talk about old things or new things…or soccer, whatever floats your boat.

{{spring-training}-{radio-broadcast}}-accompanied week-end brew-day 127

Hmmm … I though we could have polls in posts but now I can’t see how. Vote in the comments for your preferred brew-day: Saturday March 21st – Reds Sunday March 22nd – Reds Saturday March 28th – White Sox Sunday March 29th – Brewers All games start at 1pm, but I’d suggest starting the ...

The 2015 Grill 600

Hopefully the first one, not the only one. Could last us until pitchers and catchers report, though…only six weeks from tomorrow! Stealing ideas is the new hidden value In fairness, since the mid-word embedded phrase style of sloganeering has been popular lately, it’s very possible that the A’s use of stOAKed was coincidence not theft. ...