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Groverizing the roster: down to 36 8

Linky Larish & Gross -> FA Meloan & Souza -> reassigned

Lunch rant (salmagundi) 198

I am so fucking sick of all the TV shows and pop culture attention given to food trucks. I’ve been going to the same Mexican food truck once a week, every week, for the last six years and have ordered the same thing each time: cheese mole enchiladas, refried beans and rice on the side, ...

WS g2: Rangers at Giants 37

No Vlad. Giants lineup same as g1. CJ Wilson vs Cain. Strange: was walking out for a late Peet’s break at 4:00, and there was a squadron of motorcycle cops convoying 3 big charter buses down 4th toward the park … ah, right: probably Nancy and DiFi.

It’s Us vs Them 62

The A’s vs everyone else Tag-team match: Wash & Vlad vs Logic & Time the Destroyer Also: really? He’d just seen his team give up more than 10 runs for only the third time all year. Jerry vs Meg Understatement of the political season: “I don’t think voters have warmed up to Meg Whitman” Sandy ...

What happens if Crawford decides not to sign with Oakland? 61

I’m not trying to cause nevermoor any angst but with Detroit throwing their hat into the ring there are now 3 suitors pursuing Crawford that all spent more than double Oakland’s payroll during the 2010 season. That kind of economic muscle could lead to a bidding war that the A’s won’t (and maybe even can’t) ...

WS g1: Rangers at Giants 41

Rangers up 1-0 going to bottom 1. They shoulda had … well, more. Lincecum looks Freaked out.

Happy Hagfish Day! 25

It’s Hagfish Day! WhaleTimes believes repugnant and slightly revolting animals like hagfish make great role models for highlighting conservation concerns for all marine animals. “Sometimes it seems as if ecological causes are popularity contests that exclude the less attractive and less well-known, though equally vulnerable, creatures,” said WhaleTimes Director Ruth Musgrave. “There are species in ...

Logrollin’ 66

Dirty Sanchez {snerk} Speaking of euphemisms … Aqua Buddha, what an asshole Funny (funnier) Fangraphs has … nothing to say about Crisp’s option He fixes the cable?

We feel that we’re next 54

Off-day. Feh. TWMYS This would be awesome: Scratch AZ off Curt Young’s interview list? (Nagy was one of my favorite Jacobs Field-era Indians.) In college, I was lead axeman for the Hollywood Star Whackers

Clowns 93

5:30? Not much sympathy, dude. Bill James: douchebag, dumbass All Close Plays in the Age of Photography Are the Same, Chapter … One “The young and engaging Giants”? Really, Roger? Or does he while away the evenings putting on puppet shows for himself? (The parenthetic is really good, too.) Ugh. What a nasty family. Ugh. ...