Haiku Off Day 40

In the spirit of Ice Cream’s most excellent new filking effort, I thought I’d bring another old tradition back. Instead of Haiku Friday, though, let’s make it a Haiku Off Day. I’m guessing there will be fewer of them. Got mask in pocket If I don’t put it on soon I’ll make you more tense

ST 2021 Thread II 273

A’s Cast coverage of Spring Training has been expanded and will now include all home and away games for the remainder of Spring Training. — AthleticsPR (@AthleticsPR) March 5, 2021

Que nos quiten lo bailao 286

Que nos quiten lo bailao
Just wanted to throw a change-up here. I’ve been interviewed for my company’s newsletter, because I run a photo contest at Keysight, where employees submit their photographs and monthly winners are crowned. They asked me about the contest, about my roots in photography and in the end I was asked to pick some of the ...

The Reason for the Treason 367

Thank you for joining us for a recap of the exciting first day of America’s Coup, brought to you by Camp Auschwitz Fan Club – “You’re special and we love you!” Schande — Ahmad Mansour (@AhmadMansour__) January 7, 2021 (In case you are not familiar with it, 6MWE stands for a Holocaust reference – ...

America’s Coup Live 236

Susan Collins is concerned Because survival is insufficient

The Reason for the Season 285

As our gift to you, elcroata and I have created a crossword puzzle in honor of today’s holiday. Here is the Reason for the Season (FK edition). Enjoy! (There is also a version for a more general audience, with the same theme entries but less FK-specific fill and cluing, that we intend to submit for ...

A final respite between series 180

That last thread filled up quick. You FKers are prolific. Perhaps an open thread to talk about statistics, internet memes, medical terminology, what have you. "Kraut will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no kraut."

Is There A Draft In here? 87

Today is draft day, which means it’s time for my annual FKing cameo. With so little baseball and so much going on in the world, other than shitty behaviour by owners, the draft is about all the baseball we have to talk about. MLB has cut the draft to just 5 rounds and teams will ...

2020 Front Row Seats 50

We don’t have the individual game prices yet, nor is the group spreadsheet open for business, but we should start collecting our requests for when it is. There’s a google sheet just for us here which anyone should be able to edit – simply add your name to the games you’d be interested in. I’ve ...

Cross Words 330

Hey peeps! Back in June I started solving NYT Crossword puzzles. It’s often really hard for me — except for baseball trivia that everyone else bitches about — because, you know – not my language, not my country and so on. But it’s also a great fun. Such great fun that I actually got into ...