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Game 6- But This WS (like last year) Does Not Exist 263

Red Sox are up 4-0. Thank you to colin for explaining the reason behind the Marley song. I will still bitch about it.

Dead Blog Grill 171

The blog isn’t dead, he’s just resting. 1. Slusspeculation that Colon will seek a one-year contract similar to the one Hiroki Kuroda signed with the Yankees last winter ($15 million). andeuxpeculation: Per our previous discussions, that’s probably too rich for the A’s blood, but not high enough that they can feel safe making a qualifying ...

The Walking Thread S4, E3: Isolation 24

Previously on The Walking Dead.

The Not What We Wanted To Be Doing Today Game Thread 191

It’s a beautiful day in Oakland and the Coliseum is empty. #shame. For those who want to comment on those 4 to 7 events, and so that those who are ignoring it can just ignore the whole thread.

The Walking Thread: S4, E2 – Infected 53

Speaking of infected, I’m filling in for Oz this week.

DFA’s Possible Trade Partners: Cincinatti Reds 309

The #Reds decided a month ago that they will shop Brandon Phillips this winter w all intents to trade him — Bob Nightengale (@BNightengale) October 18, 2013 And then you have this The #Reds intent to trade Brandon Phillips, by the way, has nothing to do w money. They will only trade if get fair ...

October 17: Happy Anniversary grill 282

Well, happy is maybe not the right word. Mindful Anniversary Day, perhaps. Unless you’re a Cyrus the Great fan. In that case, Happy Anniversary indeed. In other news, if you like scary clowns, I got your scary clowns right here. nn1 Camelot sure fell apart, didn't it? -Steve McCatty

The Walking Thread: S4, E1: 30 Days Without An Accident 33

So, our favorite band of post-apocalyptic zombie killers is back.

Too early off-season Grill 282

1. Injury updates: – Surgery for torn thumb UCL (not to be confused with elbow or wrist UCL) for Gray. – Surgery for right wrist sprain for Reddick. – Forearm strain, no surgery for Parker. All expected to be ready for spring training, but obviously we could use some more pitching depth. 2. The Frontline ...

My Heart Hurts 175