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Love and Abraham 58

After losing 3 loved animals in less than a year I have adopted a new kitten named Abraham. He had his first vet visit today. This is Abraham: And here: http://i966.photobucket.com/albums/ae148/attijah/DSCN0155.jpg

Game 1*2*2*3*3*3 – Clinch Canadian Knuckles 145

Wednesday Morning Grillounge, 7/31 344

We could use a mini-postlet to fill the morning until the game starts. Today’s discussion topic (likely for PTBNL’s circular file):   The Copenhagen interpretation should actually be described as the Copenhagen process, because it is in essence, the process of interaction between conscious will and infinite (yet functionally finite from the view of the observer) ...

Game 107 may be painful but it should be quick 343

Mark Buehrle, who threw a quick two-hit shutout last time out because he was in a hurry to get to the Tim McGraw show across town, faces Dan Straily tonight at the chilly Coliseum. BoMel sends all your favorite right-handed hitting platoon players out to face the Jays’ veteran southpaw. Coco DH, CY25 CF, Lowrie ...

The Lounge where change is all around. 672

Well, hello there. It’s nice to see my streak of Free Kraut moving somewhere new while I’m away is still alive. To be honest I have no idea what the difference is this time though I’m sure it’s Oz’s fault. As for me it’s been an eventful couple of months. I’m no longer a teacher ...

New FK, same old game threads 206

Can we have new posts yet?


Welcome. I’ll reset the URL to freekraut.net once the transfer goes through. Let me know in this thread if there are any technical issues over here.

Game 105 – Need Moar Cowgill 426

FKing Host Upgrade 61

The long promised host upgrade will soon be upon us. I’m setting things up now, and will try to repoint the URL after today’s game so it doesn’t mess up the game thread action. Hopefully it’ll solve recurring issues like the Unread Comments thing breaking (and make for much faster load times). It isn’t even ...

Game 104: Throwback Day! 415

On July 27, 1969, the top of the Billboard Hot 100 featured: 1. “In the Year 2525”, Zager & Evans 2. “Crystal Blue Persuasion”, Tommy James and the Shondells 3. “Spinning Wheel”, Blood, Sweat & Tears 4. “My Cherie Amour”, Stevie Wonder 5. “What Does It Take (To Win Your Love)”, Jr. Walker & The ...