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Que nos quiten lo bailao 286

Que nos quiten lo bailao
Just wanted to throw a change-up here. I’ve been interviewed for my company’s newsletter, because I run a photo contest at Keysight, where employees submit their photographs and monthly winners are crowned. They asked me about the contest, about my roots in photography and in the end I was asked to pick some of the ...

Probably not the final grill, but a Finals Grill 167

Seeing as how the Grill is quite buried and the W’s are playing for a title, I figured we could kill 2 birds and get a new place to yak up.

Don’t Start a Ri-ot: Grillin, Is what I got 232

The last grill was so full of Revy goodness that it seems like we need to get some fresh links up in here.

Game 89 + FunKay Sunday Grill: Ghana Lookin’ 345

Good morning FKlings, I’ve never put up a game thread here before… OK, I admit I sometimes kinda miss the photo-monographic excursions of days gone by. Then I think of how much work (free labor) it was and I stop the nostalgia train right quick, just blow the whistle on that sh*t before the sentimental ...

So ya went and married Norm Sundaymagundi, son? 625

It’s an Oscar Game and Grill Day thread for a daylong cavalcade of fun! Starting with an A’s game! Boy howdy! Game actually starts at 12:05 PST, but the MLB Network telecast (w00t!) starts an hour later at 1:00. There’s no such thing as spoiling a spring training game…if you tell me when a Travis ...

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6월27일의 아침 그릴 (& Makeshift Game 76 Thread) 195

Apparently, there is an afternoon game happening today right around now. In the meantime, maybe we can sit down for a Korean barbecue-style grill until then. Why not? 1. Tell me, Sasha Frere-Jones, what do Canadian cardboard cut out pop star poster child for immigration reform Justin Bieber and Japanese noise artist Merzbow have in ...

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