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Lounge: The Reboot 251

2016 hasn’t been a great year and the future feels uncertain. It’s hard to find a lot of good news coming out of this year but we did have some good things like the fact I didn’t post anything for ten months. So, here’s a new lounge to look on the bright side of things ...

Real baseball! 93

Nice to wake up on Opening Day to blowing snow. What the hell, April?! A photo posted by Colin Bischoff (@colinflipper) on Apr 3, 2016 at 5:55am PDT Now: Cardinals at Pirates Then: Blue Jays at Rays Finally: Mets at Royals

Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the March Madness of Kraut 327

I’m sure Donald Trump and Ted Cruz will play major roles in this Grillounge…but good grief, we need a break from that once in a while, and the Big Dance arrives just in time. Yes, it will probably come down to a FKing throwdown between Carolina and KU in Houston, but will there be a ...

Fresh Lounge/Grill! 399

Enjoy! Don’t be scared!

Grill and/or Lounge: November came and went… 402

Here, use this new thread.

Friday Grill or lounge or whatever 284

Come for the Russian spam, stay for the betting tips. Since this is still nominally an A’s blog, it’s worth mentioning that Pat Venditte was lost on waivers the other day. While I was not as gaga as some of you about him, there are still about six relievers on the roster who were worse, ...

The Lounge Where Life Is But A Dream 201

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but the Oakland A’s are no longer playing baseball on a daily basis. I’m pretty sure that means the off-season is upon us. So…pull up a chair and lounge away until pitchers and catchers report in 659 days*   *Editors Note – Time Approximate

Sunday night Lounge 282

Today was a weird day. Let’s kill some time.

The Lounge Where The Kraut Is Still Free 443

Hey there, hi there, ho there. This is what all the cool kids in class like to call a lounge. What you do in one  of these lounges is post written words and or sentences on the internet for others to read. I think it has a future…unlike me. Lounge em’ if you got em’

6/11/15 Lounge 249

Day game. NBA game tonight. Fresh posting spot.