Welcome to Free Kraut 2.0. I hope you like the lack of kludge.

Keyboard shortcuts:

  • SHIFT – H: Go to the FK homepage
  • Z: Move through unread comments, styling them as read
  • CTRL-Z: Snap to currently highlighted comment (the one with a green border)
  • C: Move through unread comments without restyling them
  • SHIFT-C: Move backwards through unread comments (does not go from first comment “up” to last)

Unread Comments:

  • Unread Comments are tracked by a database, so you can use FK from different computers
  • The “Mark all comments read” link now works as expected
  • Unread Comments are not tracked if you are not logged in. In that case, a login link is provided and all comments display as read.

Google Shields are up. The site should be completely unindexed by search engines.

If you have technical issues, whine about them wherever you want. I’ll see ’em.

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