August ← 2020 ← FREE KRAUT!

Après le déluge, fuck les Astros 226

Vendredi: Le Chien Samedi: François la Magie Dimanche: Jèsus le Lèzard I would like to see at least one beanball thrown directly into the Houston dugout. The first rule about Laser Fight Club… "Kraut will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no kraut."

30, 31, 32, 33 Before the eye of the storm 242

Lynn v Luzardo Gibson v Manaea Allard v Fiers lyles v Bassitt Do we see Khris davis more than once? Do the A’s put together more hits? What will this place play like?

Return of the Grievous Angels 234

We seem to play these guys a lot.

Gm #23-26: Purple is not much better 292

A’s @ Dbacks for 2, then back home for 2.

Orange is the worst color 338

Pumpkins are the grossest squashes. Sports uniforms with orange are objectively hideous. Spray tans. Oranges the fruit are OK but were better in the original Sanskrit. The best cheddars are white. Five MLB teams wear orange. Three are evil, two are hapless. Home Depot is a nightmare. It’s too fucking hot out. Friday 6:45, Sat ...

Games 17-19: Road trip! Three more with the Scioscias 352

The A’s now begin a stretch with 18 of the next 23 away from the Coliseum. This 8-game road trip does get broken up with 3 over the weekend in San Francisco, between these games in Anaheim and a couple in Phoenix. I thought we were trying to minimize the travel but whatever. A win ...

Games 14-16: Christ, what an * 281

Houston comes in for a series that could be important for playoff seeding. Fri: Bassitt vs. Greinke Sat: Montas vs. Framber Valdez Sun: Luzardo vs. Cristian Javier The A’s have the 3 starters I would want out there. Brave truth-teller Mike Fiers misses his old team this time around. I haven’t heard of two of ...

Games 11-13: Feel Like a Ranger 292

I can’t stop wondering Just what you got Get the feeling I’m gonna find out real soon … Well you know it’s gonna get stranger So let’s get on with the show The night games start early, Ed. Tonight at 6:10: Luzardo !!! vs. Lance Lynn Wednesday at 6:10: Manaea vs. Kyle Gibson Thursday at ...