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Healthy Life Grill 482

There are many theories about how to live a healthy life. Some still believe there is a fountain of youth in Florida, though even some who are reported to have seen it deny having been there. Others say you should eat more Kaleâ„¢. A recent study says that gay men are less stressed, but someone ...

Think of a Lounge what you will, I’ve got a little space to fill 118

I made a garam masala and sriracha mayo to put on my tomatoes.  It was awesome.  

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FanFestamagundi 320

Some of you FKers are there right now. Kay likely has Bob Melvin and the blog crowd in stitches, or perhaps safety pins and ballgags. Others like me are planning to meet up a little later to buy tickets without online screw job fees, and to drink beers without Aramarkups. Some early returns: Coco Crisp ...

FKing Season Tickets – Year Two 149

All, I just got off of the phone with A’s Season Ticket services, and (as you’d expect) the deal is marginally less good this year. Last year, we paid $1897 for 22 games ($86/game) in section 110 and a day in a suite. This year, the quote is $1945 for 24 games ($81/game, announced as ...

Sickness Grill 785

Im still sick.  I went to Costco yesterday for the first time leaving my house and I bough no meat no booze and no cook books.  I spent 90 bucks on things to get over this cold.  Entertain my feeble brain. Weird Bloom/pollo libre bait Rattle me to the bone Pats enfrued From my hiatus.. Im ...

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The Organic, Locally Sourced, Fresh (Never Frozen) Lounge 217

I’m sure this will never generate the traffic Bed’s lounges do, but it is what it is.  Lurkers welcome!  Also, we will be strictly enforcing the no-pants policy, so don’t test us.

The Lounge where we’re driving the last spike. 742

Really, there’s only one thing left to do…lounge about the whole damn thing.

Sunday games thread 472

Big sports day. Tune in now to the livestream of the Mavericks Invitational big wave surfing contest. Seriously, now…as I write this the swells are about to roll in to start the second prelim heat. Come noon it’s time to watch the Atlanta Tony Gonzalezes hosting the San Francisco Pol Pots. Then at 3:30 the ...