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Living in the past: Annual countdown RCDS 12-31-09 159

5. Alternate title: “Fine. I’ll do it (the RCDS DLD ?xq111). Again.” courtesy of jeepers, three years ago. 4. Alternate title/subject: best meta-threads/diaries/comments of the decade … any nominations? �Among some recent ones I dug up recently … Ice Cream’s “In Apricot’s Killfile“ Wherein monkeyball endorses certain non-sports writers only for their prose style. mikeA ...

DLD 12.30.2009 74

SuSlu: A’s in the Aroldis Chapman hunt Oakland is in the thick of the bidding for the left-hander, according to major-league sources, and there is no reason to think the A’s can’t lure Chapman away from some of the big-money teams, the way they did with Dominican phenom Michael Ynoa two years ago. Oakland paid ...

F(il)K: Bad Tipper 18

Sung to the tune of the Beatles’ “Day Tripper”. Got a good reason for taking gratuities out Not a good season, he’s taken gratuities out He was a bad tipper, some say stick it, yeah It took ’em so long to find out and they found out He’s a big teaser, he stiffed ’em half a ...

Regifting: RCDS 122809 107

PleasetakeRajaiPleasetakeRajaiPleasetakeRajaiPleasetakeRajaiPleasetakeRajaiPleasetakeRajaiPleasetakeRajaiPleasetakeRajai andeux: With Taylor now, you still think we should beat this? WHNTFBFI I endorse this Starkdown as well as this Hey, man! you better hope to God you don't show up in this little community, because you'll wish you had never come

Merry Christmas, FK! 37

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All I want for Christmas: RCDS 122309 204

All I want for Christmas is a ditch-witch and a cornhole Milton Bradley: bad tipper? Also rips Chicago waiters for “bad-mouthing” him. Needs moar FREE KRAUT! Neyer: as confused as we are you better hope to God you don't show up in this little community, because you'll wish you had never come

Nostalgia Lane: Mark McGwire Commercial 150

No, not Chicks Dig the Longball. Everybody remembers that one. But I love this one: For something that’s only, what, seven years old, it’s so…dated. A fun-loving Mark McGwire? Lycos?

HCR = The Wire of reform efforts RCDS 12/21 151

1. Since “fourmoreyearsofarnold” ain’t happening, how about a run at the Senate? (LA Times, via LA Observed) 2. This reminds me of my own townhouse complex, where each association meeting is kind of like the Jerry Springer Show, or like one of those health care town halls.  Next month there’s supposed to be a meeting ...

I. Don’t. Get it. 38

We just traded Cust for Crisp.