ST GT #2: It’s always Sonny in Dr. Andrews’ office 405

With under three weeks left in Arizona, the A’s remain hot on the heels of the league-leading Angels in the chase for the Cactus League championship. Tonight’s game in Surprise is available on MLB.tv (Royals telecast). It’s highlighted by Mark Canha’s annual March appearance as a starting center fielder. It’s a good chance to preview ...

The “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On” Grill 401

But I slept right through it here in Elk Grove. Woke up early for unrelated reasons and it took social media to alert me to it. American Canyon quake How many of you felt it? Largest in the region since 1989.

Back to work, you! 54

andeux bait: one, two I think LB is Glennkenny Glenn Kenny’s mystery friend 12-year-olds, Dude Jose Guillen’s first game with the A’s Jay. Payton. Yeeeeeeesh. Between BO defending the Raiderized field and ML defending Crywolffisher’s profit-taking, it’s getting harder to take anyone on any side of the ballpark issue seriously The Rangers haven’t been doing ...