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BlogFest ’16 is happening and you can be there, FKer! 3

As FK’s representative at BlogFest ’13 at FanFest ’13, I am on the email list about BlogFest. I just got this email yesterday.  Apparently they’re really last-minute about getting it together this year. Hopefully one of you FKers will go.  If not, I might be willing to do it again and do a write-up.   ...

Fresh Lounge/Grill! 399

Enjoy! Don’t be scared!

New Year Grill/Lounge/Whatever 422

Tomsula out. Way to set a nice guy up for a fall, assholes. Assholes. We’ll see if these guys decide to commit suicide by federal agent, and see if the government manages to creates some new Ruby Ridge-like martyrs. Stability in the Middle-East – eh, who needs it. The Saudis are at fault for executing ...