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Pioneer Square adjacent 56, 57, 58 172

Kaprilian v Gilbert Bassitt v Gonzales Manaea v “Flexen” Seth brown is a cleanup hitter? I am confused. Maybe Laureano tomorrow. In between the A’s and their hotel is the greatest piroshki place on earth. SLF and I seriously considered having them deliver. It would have cost us $300. We thought about it. They used ...

You can’t spell Game Thread without Ed 121

Wait, um, actually of you can. Angels in town for four. Bassitt v Sandoval, Manaea v Phtani, Montas v Cobb, Irvin v Quintana. "Kraut will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no kraut."

Welcome Mariners 49, 50, 51 116

Montas v Kikuchi Irvin v Gilbert Kaprilian v TBD in the daylight Montoas starts the game as advertised, getting to 2 strikes and getting wild. Walked Kelenick, WP to second, and home after a strike-strike-WP ball double Sigh

At the Scioscias, games 46, 47, 48 139

After slipping into second place, the A’s finally start playing some of the lesser division opponents. I don’t know who any of their outfielders are. Rendon, Walsh, and Ohtani are good. Fletcher will somehow get 5 hits in 4 at-bats every day, but at least Scioscia is batting him 9th today. But it’s the pitching ...

43, 44 and the Colt 45s 152

In addition to the firearms there’s this stuff too. In the days of my youth malt liquor was a huge advertiser on baseball broadcasts on the radio. This stuff and Schlitz Malt Liquor (“Look out for the Bull! The Schlitz Malt Liquor Bull!”). Fortunately by college I had been introduced to some stuff like Dos ...

At the Metrodome 40, 41, 42 113

Montas v Shoemaker Irvin v Barrios bassitt v Maeda A game and a half lead hopefully that can be preserved for the showdown next week.

In the Fens, 37-39 125

Eovaldi vs. Bassitt Eduardo Rodriguez vs. Kaprielian Garrett Richards vs. Manaea All 4:10 PDT starts

The other Dunedin 35, 35, 36 217

The Jays neighbors, the rays come in for three Manaea v old friend rich hill montas v handsome Glasnow Braden v big game Shields A tough weekend, hopefully the dodgers can take care of business with the angels

Games 30-33: Dunedin at Oakland 261

For those geographically challenged as to Florida, Dunedin is on the Gulf (actually Saint Joseph Sound, as there’s a barrier island out there) directly west of Tampa and north of St. Petersburg. A Rays-Jays road trip would be nice, aside from having to see games in the Trop. TD Ballpark is just a few hundred ...