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A’s vs. Some Terrible Team 145

FK the Giants

A Rosales by any other name 113

will hit so much better, but won’t fill the hustle-y goofiness void. See ya, Adam, I’ll remember you fondly. Garcia v Gossett Mejia v C. Smith Bartolo v “Sonny” "Kraut will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no kraut."

Bill King Induction tailgate 59

Howdy there FKers, I’ll be tailgating on Saturday from around 2 or 2:30 PM until it’s time to go inside. Not sure how big a tailgate crowd we’ll have, as I’ve not done much “inviting” or “planning” or “baseball watching.” But if you’d care to stop by and hang with La Familia Mejorar for awhile, ...

On to Ontario 152

Four in Toronto starting…a few minutes ago.

Games 96-98: Theme From The Bottom 103

As the Baker’s Dozen residency commences a few miles away, two selling teams killing time until the trade deadline face off at Citi Field. Which of these do you want to represent your team? View post on imgur.com Already in progress: Blackburn vs. Matz Saturday at 4:10: Manaea vs. Wheeler Sunday at 10:10: Gossett vs. ...

Game of Spoilers 226

GOT Spoiler Zone — Season 7 Edition

It’s a Shame About Rays 146

Odorizzi v. Gossett Snell v. C. Smith Faria v. Gray

It appears we need a game thread…A’s vs Cleveland Baseball Club 268


Deadline Grill 218

Seems to me that the A’s have 3 assets (Gray, Madson, Lowrie) that are almost assuredly gone. Difficult to speculate on what Madson and Lowrie can get but Gray’s baseline is more or less established by the Quintana trade (one top 10 prospect, one top 100, 2 interesting fillers) Latest from Rosenthal: Source confirms: #Cubs ...

Melvin for Minority Leader 333

Count me among those who wants Melvin back. I’m far less attached to Nancy Pelosi, who if not to blame is certainly no help in the Dems desperate need to craft an affirmative winning message. Of course, the A’s ain’t been so good at that lately either. Anyway, Bob’s next win will be #500 in ...