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Is It February Yet Grill 161

2 weeks + 2 days until Ps & Cs

Front Row Seats 2017 123

You know the drill. $108 for the 2 seats + VIP parking; $98 on free parking Tuesdays. Requests in the comments; first tranche to be submitted Friday Feb 3rd.

B Street Grill 457

The B Street Band, America’s No. 1 Springsteen tribute band, agrees to play Trump inaugural ball: https://t.co/VpgJiPwtGk pic.twitter.com/4o5gUDplLj — Consequence of Sound (@coslive) January 11, 2017 Sad! Grill it up, y’all.

New Year a la plancha 328

Let’s start with the obvious. It is generally agreed that 2016 was a Bad Year (not just for the A’s hitters. Or for that matter the A’s pitchers.) It started out kind of blah, continued as if enveloped in a permanent miasma, and ended in disaster both too obvious and too depressing to talk about ...