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4/22/09 Condiments? Don’t you have to talk to the pharmacist for those? 24

I have nothing to offer, except my extensive knowledge of signs and my extensive knowledge of literature. Other than that, I’m clueless. Do you see what happens when you take a man to the Alps? JoePo tries to come to terms with pitch counts. Reminds me of Eddie Izzard talking about the “two weeks we ...

A Dream Fermented 9

I am a Krauter, pure and true. You Kraut for me, I Kraut for you. I Kraut in Winter, Summer, Fall and Spring. I’d even Kraut without a tasty chicken wing (though I’d rather not have to).

The Buckless Trip: game thread 042109 164

I’ve never been a fan of Buck, but this is ridiculous.

Condiment Bar 042109: My smilin’ face on the cover of the Cond’ment Bar 122

Now, I’m aware that one may question the DogMa’s choice of subject (and S-O), but her talent is something at which I, as a card-carrying member of the Fine-Motor Challenged, can only marvel.� So I’m showing-off this recent evidence thereof. And like Michelangelo, she does contract-out her art for special occasions and occasional ceilings — ...

Condiment Bar 042008: cuteness overload 145

[youtube=] And remember, I still have baby pictures to deploy as part of my armamentarium.

New Thread! 109

Here is a cute otter, courtesy of the good folks at Because it is timely

if i was funny like jeff i’d post something funny but i’m not so you get this. title added for people who like to click things on the right. click click click. oh well at least we’re not about to be swept by the twins. 14


Game Thread #12 41

Chavy is back. Still no Buck. Sweeney CF Cabrera SS Giambi DH Holliday LF Cust RF Chavez 3B Suzuki C Ellis 2B Powell 1B A’s face another lefty: Ricky Romero. When he gets a good lead he can close it on his own, so the A’s need to score early.

Late-night contentious openthread 83

Eh, fuck all you dicks CROSBY SUCKS!!!

A’s-Jays Giese Chavez Jeez Louise … aka game thread 041809 204

[youtube= v=hcZCbvhq1CI&hl=en&fs=1] Blevins down, Giese up (yep, no lefty in the ‘pen) Nomar still hurtin’ … no news on Chavez, but Slusser expects one of ’em to be DL’ed (my guess, following 74mk: Chavvy DL’ed Monday … and Nomar DL’ed Friday [after playing once between now and then]) Aaaaaaaaaand — still no Buck in the ...