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Damn, but beer tastes good today: game thread 051609 35

Bottom 1, no score, Elephant Man pitching. Giambi slips down to #5 in the lineup.

Awesomeness 3

Rain! 25


Emergency rain-delay clown thread 41

you better hope to God you don't show up in this little community, because you'll wish you had never come

DLD 051509: Victory Cabbage Time 71

DLD 051509: Victory Cabbage Time
Well it looks like Manny did take steroids after all. Looks like Hubble will keep on trucking for a little longer. I just have to say as someone from the land of the Buddha, I am proud of how we manage to pull off mammoth elections in a mostly peaceful manner every 5-odd years. I ...

Wherein Monkeyball Omits the title 3

I disagree.

DLD 051409: Hard Pore Corn 118

DLD 051409: Hard Pore Corn
Anyone up for some old-fashioned cornholing? (I’ve pimped Andy’s blog and newsletter before. It’s awesome. They also do a CSA veggie box you can sign up for.) If someone (say, grover) wants to do a groveresque down-on-the-farm report, they should use this for a recurring logo/banner: Go chat with Will Carroll and ask him what ...

Game Thread 114

This is not a test. We are family.

A’s vs Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus vs Pride and Prejudice and Zombies 21

Welcome to FK 2.0. Some of the old content was lost in translation, and only some usernames made it over. It appears that if you posted an actual post, your name has been preserved. If you are one of those people, you should be able to log in either with your old password or by ...

Royals 104

This thread is for discussing the Royals, who are playing against the A’s right now.