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Ugh, the Red Sox. Please pound them. 126

The 16-2 start figures to bring a few thousand extra refugees from Massachusetts out to the Coliseum for each game this weekend. The Sox throw the Chair Puncher, the Uniform Slasher and the Eck Berater against the Green and Gold. Tonight at 7:05: Graveman vs. Drew Pomeranz Saturday at 6:05: Manaea vs. Chris Sale Sunday ...

Free: Bum, just another word for ballgames left to lose 279

The Oakland Athletics play some baseball games with the Chicago White Sox.  

We’ve always been at WAR with Seattle 131

Leake/Triggs A’s with an early lead on a Khris Davis rocket to right-center. (Please forgive the making light, it’s how I cope). Sat: Gonzales/Graveman Sun: Felix/Manaea

At the LADs 177

A’s visit the NL champion Dodgers, who at least going into the series have a worse record than us. "Kraut will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no kraut."

Angels Again 137

Our Oakland Athletics travel to Anaheim to play the Los Angeles Angels. Can Matt Chapman stay hot? Will the A’s starting pitching get better? Will Reggie Jackson attempt to kill Queen Elizabeth? Tune in to find out. Here are the pitching match ups…   Gossett (0-1 9.00 ERA) vs Bridwell (NR) Triggs (0-1 1.80 ERA) ...

The 2018 Season, Rebooted 260

We fired up on Thursday and things were going all right for a while, but we started noticing sluggish performance that got worse and worse and finally landed us at the Blue Screen of Death. So I’m shutting down and restarting in Safe Mode, just sticking to a few basic operations such as the one ...

Opening Day! 272

Eve, but I figured let’s get a thread up. Dustin Fowler (pictured here reenacting the poster for “The 40 Year Old Virgin”) starts the year in AAA and remains in the Moonlight Graham category until further notice. Boog Powell is your centerfielder, and I guess there will be eight relievers again. Trevor Cahill will join ...

Lousy Smarch Grill 219

Counting the days until real baseball like…

Playoffs Game Thread #2 225

The LCSeses, or whatever The last thread was getting slow and for some reason it keeps wanting to run flash on my computer.

Playoffs Game Thread #1 384

No A’s blah but still baseball yay.