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Games 54*-56*: You must be the Angels I thought I might never find 143

Remember when the A’s had the Big Three and the Anaheims had starters like Lackey, Washburn and Santana and a shutdown bullpen (except for the occasional sulk-off)? Man, have times changed at the Big A. Matt Harvey, an $11M band-aid for this season, has been horrible and after serving up 4 homers in 2-2/3 innings ...

Games 48*-53*: The lake has taken full effect on the sinking SS Mariner 186

Yes I know Detroit isn’t literally on a Great Lake, but close enough. Detroit and Cleveland is certainly a convenient trip; it’s only 169 miles between the ballparks by car and the A’s plane needed just 28 minutes in the air yesterday. For a traveling fan I think doing those two cities back-to-back is a ...

Detroit. Change the luck again, but in the other direction. 129

If the first game of a series starts at 10 am on a Thursday, and isn’t on TV, does it make a sound?

Seattle. Change the luck 22

come on guys. have some pride. throw up a thread

510 Weekend 2019 124

Now with 100% less Wahoo. I like this idea of making 510 Day an annual thing, I hope it sticks. It’ll be on a Sunday next year. Fri: Frankie Magic vs a guy who lasted two-thirds of an inning last time Sat: One of three US sports Aaron Brooks’s to have wiki pages vs Ed’s ...

Games 37-39: The little Red wagon 112

Johnny Bench, Tony Perez, Pete Rose, Joe Morgan…this team is not. The pitching has been pretty decent so far this year, but the offense, ugh. .217/.295/.402 ranks them near the bottom in the NL across the board. Yasiel Puig hasn’t been much help at .208/.254/.367. Joey Votto has led the NL in OBP seven of ...

Pennsyltucky 34:36-5000 161

A’s visit the confluence of the Allegheny, Monongahela, and Ohio Rivers and what could turn out to be a sloppy track. By My Standards there could be value here! Bob Melvin, stoic and Tacitus, enjoys Maximum Security after last year’s success. Can he parlay it into a Game Winner? Tune in all weekend to find ...

Games 31-33: The A’s in Fenway 77

Almost any way you sort the AL pitching stats, the Red Sox staff ranks approximately #11 in the American League. Certainly below the A’s. The Orioles are at the bottom in just about every category and then the Rangers, White Sox and Royals show up in some order below Boston. The A’s are 10-3 against ...

Vladimir of the House Guerrero, Second of His Name, King of the Canadians 91

So cute. My son! The country that saw you as a child will now see you turn into a big one. Working hard everything can be done. I’m proud of you! Love you! ?? — Vladimir Guerrero (@VladGuerrero27) April 25, 2019 Let’s ruin this party, eh?

25-27: Hound on the Mound 117

Chris Bassitt does not look like the answer to our pitching woes, but has kept Texas off the board through 3 innings, thanks in part to some good fielding from Jurickson Profar(?!) Meanwhile, the A’s have scored twice off of Mike Minor. T: Frankie Montas vs. Lance Lynn W: Aaron Brooks vs. Drew Smyly