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The Royal We 319

12 games to go, last series with football lines forever.

Hotter than Hell 224

At least 44% of the reason I live in the East Bay is to avoid miserable summer weather (also 23% friends and family, 12% is not scary rest of America, 8% local sports teams, 7% outdoor recreation, 5% other quality of life, and 1% Rita Moreno.) But at first pitch tonight it will be hotter ...

The first coming 144-147 275

We will not see the baby jesus until Wednesday at the earliest, I am hoping for a decent showing Fiers v Greinke Roark v Miley Anderson v TBA Bailey v Verlander

Games 141-143, now sans asterisks 170

A weekend set at the Coliseum vs. the woeful Tigers, who come in with a record of __XXX__ 41-98 ____ 42-97 (please check one). Tonight at 7: Home Homer Bailey vs. Spencer Turnbull Saturday at 6: Chris Bassitt vs. Jordan Zimmermann Sunday at 1: Sean Manaea vs. Daniel Norris

Angels at Athletics 196

September pennant run starts…right after Trout finishes rounding the bases.

A’s at Yanks for 3 289

Game 1 in progress. Profar has already Profared a throw.

Games 130*-133* @ Paris of the Plains 207

I hope the Players’ Weekend uniforms have been burned. The A’s relieved a lot of Giants fans of some money but aside from the big attendance, let’s just put those games behind us and get back to real baseball played in real uniforms. Tonight at 5:15: Homer Bailey vs. Brad Keller Tuesday at 5:15: Mike ...

Radio Only Weekend V Giants 63

Unwatchable, and not for the 2010 reasons

In the bag 216

1. Certain of success (e.g., in British Parliament, a petition to be discussed, put that in the bag by the Speaker, with certainty it will be worked on that day.) 2. Pre-arranged; fixed (e.g. “Bet to rent; it’s in the bag” 3. (Half): Drunk #1 of 3 vs the Yankees secured as Homer whoo hoo’ed ...

Games 121*-124*: A’s-Astros Fourplay 273

The A’s enter a tough homestand trailing the Astros by 9.5 games in the division and down by 2 games to Tampa Bay (and 3.5 games to Cleveland) in the wild card chase. While the A’s play 4 vs. the Astros, 3 vs. the Yankees and 2 vs. the Giants, the Rays schedule over the ...