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Update from your self-proclaimed (and mostly inept) web “master” 5

All, The details of Free Kraut’s hosting arrangement are being finalized (we’ll have php and mySQL). At the moment, I’m planning on using a wordpress system because this is a wordpress system (just an extremely limited one) and because [insert other reason here]. Does anyone have other suggestions for a new content-management / blogging system? ...

DLD 3/13/09 101

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041209 game thread: silence, all ye naysayers! 49

Game Thread- Uh… “Josh Day” 37

Game Thread – Home Opener 50

040909 DLD: My one-eyed male canary is lonely 69

This guy should try offering meat Uh, speaking of an absent-minded professor: “I suspect it’s a joke about numbers” The more I read about the subject of this interview, the more I’m convinced that I would have loathed him personally Leopold Bloom/67MARQUEZ bait: strobe lights and girls in hotpants (“good morning”? Really?) Words fail me: ...

Tragedy 46

Shockingly, Los Angeles Angel pitcher Nick Adenhart died in a car accident hours after making his 2009 debut against the A’s Wednesday night.� He was 22 years old. Links: 1 2 3 4 5 6

slegna defense FTL! 22

Game Thread #3 94

Four Eyes vs. More-Balls-Than-Cahill Holliday still swooning from the fetid Orange County air. Predictions: A’s win; our respective dinners are delicious.

040809 DLD: The meat for sex hypothesis 70

You will get three links. You will click them. You will read them. My hero Michael Bay is a fellow cheap bastard “Sal� Done Right!!” The link you were waiting for Oh, OK, since last night’s result was such a visit to Pleasure Island: