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Boo 17

I am utterly confused: game thread 050309 117

Sweeney Cabrera Giambi Holliday Cust RF Suzuki DH Crosby 3B Petit 2B Powell C PoppyEdit:

Trying this FKing thing out 179

News from SuSlu: MaEl’s livestock injury is “relatively severe” and he is expected to miss four to six weeks. The MRI on Eric Chavez showed blahblahblah. Same shit, different day. Lineup for the A’s: Sweeney Sweeney Sweeney Sweeney Sweeney Sweeney Sweeney Sweeney Wolverine

Derby Day Open Thread 63

Want my Advice? Stay away from West Side Bernie’s. It’s dank and dirty—even by sleazy Seattle cruise bar standards—and they want a goddamn Regal Ransom just to get in the door. But after last night…five run lead blown, walk off desolation…I needed someone. Mr. Hot Stuff or Don fuckin Mossi, didn’t matter. Anyone. I follow ...

Bob Geren Has No Charm in the Nation’s Ads 9

Fuck you. Fuck you. You’re cool. You’re old.

Game Thread 107

My internet and tv are working! Go me! Go A’s! Boooo umpire!

DLD 5/1/09 121

For the Win! 81

A little bit gamey, a little bit thready 93

Not-Julia Not-Miguel Not- … uh … Not-This? Not-Billie Not-Mexican-or-Healthy-Enough Not-Ichiro Not-Peter Not-Bing Not-Corey Sweeney robs Kinsler (video) (-Danny)

Daily Link Dumpage–It’s April 30th in Japan 92

Since�I’m much too impatient to wait a few minutes until April 30th, I’ve set this to auto post at midnight. It’s already April 30th here. I want a blue name, dernit. Since this DLD is essentially self-serving, I will provide nothing but a link to a blog post that nobody else will care about. -JL ...