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Game Thread Back to Basics 96

A’s score a BB-caused run. Yay walks! Go A’s!

5/20/09 DLD: Incomplete Edition 53

So I wanted to do a full DLD, but I really just have this: Want / Do Not Want? Do Not Want [Add additional links and Kraut-technology images here] Michael Vick released to house confinement. New stadium deal for the 49ers.

Don’t Look Now: Game thread 051909 86

… or, Ray Fosse vs. the Red-coated Dwarf. Cunningham and Crosby in the lineup for no particular reason. Maybe they’re both struggling through potentially career-ending injuries. … and Leadoff Man Extraordinaire Orlando Cabrera leads off with a QUALITY KRAUT SINGLE.


Leopold Bloom: KRAUThor of the year … decade … century: Now the sauerkraut lover in every family can be happy Frank’s Quality Kraut Singles make healthy food choices easier. Each serving of sauerkraut contains no fat and only 5 calories, yet packs all the cancer-fighting advantages that make cruciferous vegetables popular. Smith says, “There has ...

Slusser: Chavez {thisclose} to being done. Full stop. 31

The whole length of the contract, it’s been one thing after another. It’s been a disaster. you better hope to God you don't show up in this little community, because you'll wish you had never come

Game #35 Thread, 051809 83

A’s are playing the Rays, Sean Gallagher is pitching sucking.  Rally image: A’s Lineup: O. Cabrera SS K. Suzuki C J. Cust DH M. Holliday LF J. Giambi 1B A. Kennedy 2B R. Sweeney CF B. Crosby 3B T. Buck RF

DLD 5/18: can you tell I’m “working” from home today? 91

1. Bed bugs are no joke: The bugs — reddish brown, flat and about the size of a grain of rice — suck human blood. […] Those who’ve suffered outbreaks say that the anxiety it induces can be debilitating. Potter said many sufferers tossed out furniture and could spend thousands of dollars on repeated treatments ...

Vince Cotroneo speaks the truth, and Sol is a benevolent, life-giving force that animates our otherwise dismal world 31

Preliminary notes 1. Your intuition is correct: the title is a blatant attempt to incite mikeA. I do not apologize for this. 2. This post concerns baseball, specifically the Oakland Athletics. You will find nothing about zombie movies, clowns, or corn stalks herein. Despite this, I know at least 2-3 of you are interested in ...

Season-to-Date Player Grades 24

K. Suzuki: Playing over his head offensively, but still has negative wpa. F J. Grampiambi: F M. Ellis: Unable to run to first base. F A. Kennedy: Acquisition made Crosby full time 3B. F O. Cabrera: Fidel would have left you in the mountains. F E. Chavez: No editorial comments in light of ADA. F ...

Game Thread A’s Lead 5-0! 34

Ace leadoff man Orlando C. makes first and last out. Adam K. leads the team in OPS.