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Dear Babs … 20

Boy, I dunno — Rich Guy’s private letter to Babs “Big” Boxer (originally provided without a clear trail of provenance by Zennie Abraham) sure strikes me as Bybee/Yoo-ish. Suresure, each individual fact vets out — but the way he concatenates them, collapses timeframes, and raises outmoded issues (unpredictable walkup crowds? I thought the A’s had ...

There’s a game 58

Cahill pitching, Sweeney moved down in the order. Cabrera Suzuki Giambi 1B Holliday Cust DH Sweeney CF Crosby 2B Buck RF Hannahan 3B

Wordle, labrador, bygone days 129

[Update]: Sigh. Manny suspended for PEDs. Commence firestorm. Today’s clash of AL West titans is set for 12:35, so I guess this can serve as a combination DLD, game thread, and postgame woe-fest orgy of jubilation. Expert analysis (the kind you just don’t get at those mainstream blogs): Brandon McCarthy gives up lots of home ...

Eh, Rampaged Tots 26

Me go deathtraps Them got parades Death game sport The Port Damages A tampered ghost Aghast: dope term Aorta depth gems Pasta doth merge OT: Gathered maps Greased mathpot He petted orgasm Stomper date hag Argh! Poets mated! F**K losing. Fank it all.

Giese 50

Jjjsixsix is awesome. Jennifer is also awesome. This is: 1 — recommended bleachers attire when Giese is pitching, and/or 2 — the money you could be saving with Gieseco, after it got mugged by that fence-building yokel (w/ apologies to Frank Rizzo)

Baby’s bottle 125

Your beer baby is weak! Matt Holliday, circa 1983? From yesterday’s Braves-Mets tilt. Sluggerrr sez Go RRRoyals!


Some Cuddly Guys Hoping Can Score Big Clown Porn Dallas

DLD or Condilump Ink Bar or whatever 95

The New Ballpark Blog has some stuff (today’s and yesterday’s diaries) that’s news to me. Most things are news to me several days/weeks/millennia after they’ve happened, so I’m sure you already know that stuff. That’s the only A’s/baseball-related link I’m gonna put, because if I spend more than a few minutes typing, I’ll get DLDblocked ...

Battle of the shitty lineups 39

Suzuki C Cabrera SS Giambi 1B Terrence Long LF Cust-o-Fab DH Crosby 3B Henry Hill RF Petit 2B DFAvis CF

Huzzah 97

Good to see Dustin test-driving the court-ordered treatment program his brother will be undergoing.