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Adam Kennedy has always been my favorite player: game thread 052?09 25

Long weekends make me lose track of what day it is. A’s up 4-1 on the strength of nifty doubles by Kennedy (2 RBI) and the H2N3 Virus (1 RBI).

Memorial DLDay 10

A man who is good enough to shed his blood for the country is good enough to be given a square deal bobblehead booblehead afterwards. — Theodore Roosevelt Rossevelt Note: Last night’s DLD got some weird code inserted in it. I’ve beefed up the security a bit and deleted that DLD. It does not appear ...

Almost made it to Memorial Day 2

Rick Morissey, waxing poetic about Rich Harden. This is a man who could get hurt falling asleep. More like waking up. February 27, 2004 Rich Harden was scheduled to throw batting practice Thursday but was held out because of soreness in his left (non-throwing) shoulder, according to the Contra Costa Times. He felt a twinge ...

Oh, right … there’s a game 40

Giambi hits #400. He looks more and more like Matt Stairs every day. A’s up 3-1 bottom 4. The D-Backs’ caps/logos look like … I don’t know — an arena lacrosse franchise?

Blame the media DLD 12

I’m out here in Augusta, Georgia visiting friends of my girlfriend’s–thrown totally out of my normal Internet-clicking routine. I have missed seven Joe Posnanski blog posts, five Ray Ratto columns, and several FK DLDs. However, I did read one RR blog post and an MK-produced transcript of KTRB, so I’ve got that going for me. ...

A’s Welcome Byrnes Back to Oakland 27

He is sitting on the bench tonight. Perhaps to provide extra warmth in the dugout/clubhouse given the cold summer evenings in Oakland. Nomar is back. At not a minute too soon, as he is in at first base tonight, while Giambi DHs, which adds up to a much-needed day off for Travis Buck. In good ...

In which monkeyball gnaws morosely on bitter leaves of ignominy cabbage … and opens up a DLD 114

Is the image of a) a red cabbage or b) a monkey brain? Mr Monkey tours Old Cabbagetown Do skunk apes eat skunk cabbage? you better hope to God you don't show up in this little community, because you'll wish you had never come

In which mikeA says, “Fuck Crosby” 2

In which monkeyball posts a (lame) game thread 70

Sweeney back in the lineup. Crosby playing first again. Whee.

In which monkeyball solves the A’s stadium problem 31

It’s quite simple, really. There currently exists an unrealized confluence of two opportunities that only a bold, visionary real-estate developer such as Mr. Lewis Wolff could exploit. I am talking, of course, of the federal stimulus spending program, and the current debate over where to relocated the “enemy combatant” prisoners from Guantanamo Bay. Lew should ...