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Winter Baseball Sadness Grill 285

Marcus Semien to Jays — Jon Heyman (@JonHeyman) January 26, 2021

Que nos quiten lo bailao 286

Que nos quiten lo bailao
Just wanted to throw a change-up here. I’ve been interviewed for my company’s newsletter, because I run a photo contest at Keysight, where employees submit their photographs and monthly winners are crowned. They asked me about the contest, about my roots in photography and in the end I was asked to pick some of the ...

The Reason for the Treason 367

Thank you for joining us for a recap of the exciting first day of America’s Coup, brought to you by Camp Auschwitz Fan Club – “You’re special and we love you!” Schande — Ahmad Mansour (@AhmadMansour__) January 7, 2021 (In case you are not familiar with it, 6MWE stands for a Holocaust reference – ...

America’s Coup Live 236

Susan Collins is concerned Because survival is insufficient

The Reason for the Season 285

As our gift to you, elcroata and I have created a crossword puzzle in honor of today’s holiday. Here is the Reason for the Season (FK edition). Enjoy! (There is also a version for a more general audience, with the same theme entries but less FK-specific fill and cluing, that we intend to submit for ...

Full Grill Ahead 137

Bob Melvin says Matt Chapman “is full speed ahead,” will be a full go for spring training. — Susan Slusser (@susanslusser) December 17, 2020 Fill it up!

So you want to be Ascertained? 344

Reality is the new fiction, they say. College basketball starts tomorrow and promises to test my resolve. It was easy to eschew college football, because I never cared that much and knew that UNC was sure to disappoint (unlike Cincinnati!). So it was easy to proclaim college football as a monstrous affront to public safety ...

Transition to Grilling 328

A leader who everyone knows is on his way out, but is still in charge for some reason? That’s the A’s front office for you! Drop some links off, if you would. Bonus points if they are announcements of the acquisition of a middle infielder, a top reliever, or an environmental impact report.

The most important election, until the next one 355

I figure this will not only pile up quite a few comments but also extend at least through late Wednesday, so we might as well have a dedicated November 3-4, 2020 thread. I’m approaching it like I approach the A’s postseason, hoping for the best but deep in my heart knowing crushing defeat is close ...

Rosterbaiting Grill 194

So the offseason is upon us, I figure a new grill would be appropriate. What I have seen in limited Twitter scrolling is that Kolton Wong and Corey Kluber have had options declined. Speculation is that the market will be saturated. what that means to me is that clubs that are in the hunt for ...