Front Row Seats 2018 98

Front Row Seats 2018
The usual drill – post your requests in the comments and I’ll collate them in the table. UPDATE: Individual game pricing in effect – total cost is 2 x seat + $10 except on Free Parking Tuesdays.

World Series (North America version) Game Thread 253

Be prepared to see “he who shall not be named” fist pumping around the bases played all the time. Unlike some of you, I haven’t decided on a rooting interest. On the one hand, 1988, but LA winning would sure piss off a lot of Giants fans. Plus, CA. On the other hand, I usually ...

Welcome to the show Franklin Barreto 33

Gossett vs. Shields Franklin Barreto making his MLB debut at second and batting 7th.

Draft Day 2017 81

I haven’t been around much lately but I’ve enjoyed draft day discussions with you all in the past, Draft starts at 3pm, with the first 36 picks today. A’s have picks 6 and 33 today. Even hours before the draft it remains very unclear who’s going where. BA is speculating that the A’s may have ...

I like FloRida. Moms Need Rap Too. 255

While our temporary Florida Man pregames with his haul from Publix, I thought we could use an early game thread to complain about the A’s. Mark Canha’s batting average got low (low, low, low, low, low, low, low) and he is on his way back to Nashville. Welcome to the big leagues Jaycob Brugman! I’ve ...

Red Suxin’ in Oakland 173

Don’t think I’ve ever been less excited to have the Front Row Seats – especially after Sale was pulled from tonight’s start.

Front Row Seats 2017 123

You know the drill. $108 for the 2 seats + VIP parking; $98 on free parking Tuesdays. Requests in the comments; first tranche to be submitted Friday Feb 3rd.

Jogos Olímpicos de Verão 442

Let’s talk Olympics! The torch will be lit tomorrow in the historic Estadio do Maracanã, if they remember the keys. NBC will show it tape-delayed, naturally, unless one takes measures. The ceremonies are guaranteed to have better music and show more bunda than most, if nothing else. One Edson Arantes do Nascimento will light the ...

Arlington again. three games 191

started well, now its a alcoholic something something

July 2nd Signing Period, or There’s Always 2023 14

For those of you who can’t muster enthusiasm over the amateur drafts, the July 2nd international signing period is probably even worse. Scouting 16 year old kids is little better than throwing darts. The A’s have a track record of being active in international signings. Some successful (Tejada) and some disappointing (Ynoa, Prieto). But in ...