2020 Front Row Seats 38

We don’t have the individual game prices yet, nor is the group spreadsheet open for business, but we should start collecting our requests for when it is. There’s a google sheet just for us here which anyone should be able to edit – simply add your name to the games you’d be interested in. I’ve ...

Cross Words 296

Hey peeps! Back in June I started solving NYT Crossword puzzles. It’s often really hard for me — except for baseball trivia that everyone else bitches about — because, you know – not my language, not my country and so on. But it’s also a great fun. Such great fun that I actually got into ...

Winter in SD Grill 86

As the winter meetings commence, the A’s continue their quest to find the best LHH hitter/reliever ~5 million can buy…

Hotter than Hell 224

At least 44% of the reason I live in the East Bay is to avoid miserable summer weather (also 23% friends and family, 12% is not scary rest of America, 8% local sports teams, 7% outdoor recreation, 5% other quality of life, and 1% Rita Moreno.) But at first pitch tonight it will be hotter ...

A’s at Yanks for 3 289

Game 1 in progress. Profar has already Profared a throw.

Giants 119,* 120* at them 103

Bumgarner v Anderson Bailey v Beade In progress.

Cold Stove Grill/GT 169

With about 30 hours to go before the deadline (no waiver trades this year), this trade season has been surprisingly quiet so far. So perhaps this title is tempting fate. Stroman is the only major piece to be traded thus far, and the A’s acquisitions of ex Royals have been barely enough to whet the ...

Getting to the Halfway Mark 152

The first half of a home & home with the Cardinals. Think Piscotty will get the Pujols treatment?

70-71-72-72-74-75 There is a Cancer in the O-Ring Central 112

Well, not anymore. The good news about PIscotty’s non IL, is that that is the positional depth the A’s actually have. The mariners have been terrible. I am sure the A’s can change that. I will say, I would love to see a teal/kelly match up. Dozens of fans would hit menu to color adjust ...

Interstitial Game Grill 87

We need a new thread for this odd period before the regular season starts again. This is that thread.