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Waiting Room Grill 374

73 days until Opening Day 29 days until pitchers and catchers 21 days until the Iowa caucuses 12 days until Fan Fest 10 days until the new Picard show What are you waiting for? Let’s grill.

Cross Words 322

Hey peeps! Back in June I started solving NYT Crossword puzzles. It’s often really hard for me — except for baseball trivia that everyone else bitches about — because, you know – not my language, not my country and so on. But it’s also a great fun. Such great fun that I actually got into ...

Winter in SD Grill 86

As the winter meetings commence, the A’s continue their quest to find the best LHH hitter/reliever ~5 million can buy…

Non-tender is the day 66

Treinen and Jurkstore are still likely to be non-tendered if they are not traded before the deadline today, with Phegley and Buchter also possibilities, per Slusser. Other candidates around the league include Addison Russell, who the A’s wisely gave up as part of a brilliant plan to acquire Marcus Semien, and has had issues on ...

Forst Among Equals 121

David and his 29 counterparts start meeting today in Scottsdale. John Shea says Forst is looking for lefthanded batters. I’m kind of expecting this to be a “go for it” offseason that could feature a big trade or two, but who knows. In the meantime, feel free to talk about football.

There are still baseball games to be played. 217

We may not care, but somebody does. I really don’t know who I’m rooting for, and may not until there’s a key moment and I realize that I was pulling one way or the other. On the one hand, I usually pick the American League team by default. On the other hand, Verlander, FK that ...

The Divisions between us 95

Today’s the first (and possibly only) day with all four Division Series playing. TB at Hou 1100, StL at Atl 1330, Minn at NYY 1600, DC at LA 1830. Yes, it is hard to move on. "Kraut will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no ...

Wild cardstock dreams 123

I’d say that they show up at my home every fourth week of September but that’s not true. First off, they’ve only showed up five of the last eight Septembers. And second, they actually don’t just show up. Rather, a FedEx-branded post-it on my door bears a barcode and a goose chase to follow to ...

Pre-Postseason/NL Wild Card Grill 61

A place to stress, vent, complain, rosterbate, and anticipate.

159-162 @ The Mariners Apartment Complex 285

I can’t get enough of this song lately. After a dramatic finale in Anaheim, the boys need to win this four-gamer in Seattle to make sure there’s more baseball to be played this season in Oakland. Pitching Probables: Manaea vs. Felix Fiers vs. Sheffield Anderson vs. Gonzales Roark vs. Dunn