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Giants 119,* 120* at them 103

Bumgarner v Anderson Bailey v Beade In progress.

Games 113*-118* in the ivy-covered guaranteed rate burial ground 247

A full week in Chicago commences with three on the North Side. This would be a fun road trip but Chicago is on the pricey side and in a week I would put on 10 pounds just from the pizza. This series concludes the A’s NL Central games for the season. They are 9-4 and ...

On The Cards 76

St. Louis in town for just the two. They brought the baby blues for the occasion. Hudson vs. Fiers Wainwright vs. Roark

Cold Stove Grill/GT 169

With about 30 hours to go before the deadline (no waiver trades this year), this trade season has been surprisingly quiet so far. So perhaps this title is tempting fate. Stroman is the only major piece to be traded thus far, and the A’s acquisitions of ex Royals have been barely enough to whet the ...

The Highly Suggestible Type 186

Now that we aren’t playing Houston the future seems bright again. A deep playoff run and many big contract acquisitions are surely imminent. Anderson Mengden Homer Fiers vs the Galloless Rangers who are 1-5 on their current road trip. "Kraut will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through ...

Gumdrop & Spider; Charlie brown & Snoopy; Columbia & Eagle 137

I am not expecting much from this series, we may see a no hitter or 2. Bailey v Cole Fiers v Miley Bassitt v Verlander (11AM game)

Games 97*-100*: Into Hell’s Kitchen 160

It’s a big mid-July series for both teams. The Twins enter on their first 3-game losing streak of the season, the last 2 being a short-series sweep at Target Field by the not-so-Amazin Mets. By Pythagorean record the A’s trail the Twins by just 1 game (MIN 57-37, OAK 57-39). Both teams have tough series ...

Chicago High Numbers 92, 93, 94, now also featuring Dancing Homer! 153

The white Sox players seem to think they are playing the American Football. 79, 74, 33, 46, etc. Anyway, Matt Chapman is aces at all but the shoe game. Sir, Gold is an accent, not a primary color.

Seattle 89-91 To the break 135

I Don’t think there are any relievers left, Brett Anderson v Kikichi Bassitt v Marco Gonzales Mengden v TBA The Mariners can’t seem to lose. This has all the hallmarks of a grim series leaving a bad tast going into 5 days without a baseball game. 1-9 The Mariners have hot bats that haven’t made ...

Games 86*-88*: Celebrating the Twins 173

When I think of Twins, I think of boobs…so here are a whole bunch of pictures of boobs! Oh wait, all that “NSFW” crap…yawn. OK, I’ll just post one picture of boobs. This slightly saggy pair is 55 years old today…Happy Birthday! The Twins have a hell of a team this year. Not too many ...