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Daily graphing 8

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Condiment Bar 041609: morons abound 85

You have got to be shitting me. That’s all I got. The Condiment Bar is open.

Game thread: A’s set sights on eliminating douchebaggery everywhere 73

Red Sox: Late night law commercial Can’t hit the inside fastball Big Poopy The man with an unfortunate former B-R URL Teh Boras fail Teh Canadian fail, eh? Some guy named Nick Green Welcome back, Kottaras A’s: The Demon Barber of Hegenberger Street California, California, Califoooorrniiiaaa… VOJC It would be so nice Lord of the ...

Condiment Bar – 15 April 2009 82

This is a picture of great social and political import. I will have more to say later. In the meantime, dump away. EDIT: OK, I am assuming that the complete lack of comments about this photograph indicates an intense curiosity. This is an actual photo of the condiment bar to the left of the Saag’s ...

Game Thread 4/14 84

Red Sox Ellsbury CF Pedroia 2B Ortiz DH Youkilis 1B Drew RF Bay LF Lowell 3B Varitek C Green SS Athletics Sweeney CF Cabrera SS Giambi 1B Holliday LF Cust DH Garciaparra 3B Suzuki C Buck RF Ellis 2B So no Davis and Cust up a spot … baby steps. XbX edit:

DLD 04/14/2009 139

A’s 8, Douchebags 2 2

Game Thread 64

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Update from your self-proclaimed (and mostly inept) web “master” 5

All, The details of Free Kraut’s hosting arrangement are being finalized (we’ll have php and mySQL). At the moment, I’m planning on using a wordpress system because this is a wordpress system (just an extremely limited one) and because [insert other reason here]. Does anyone have other suggestions for a new content-management / blogging system? ...

DLD 3/13/09 101

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