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DLD: I’m Good at Titles 162

But not at fun graphs/graphics, or links, or interesting prose, or damnit I don’t have anything to post. I blame the swine flu. Ok, I just looked around for a little longer. There are no links. None. If you go to **, you might notice that our secret is out… also, fk is criticized for ...

I’m bad at titles 163

Free Kraut’s brief lifespan, in graph form: FK could use a bit more Other Stuff, so that’s what this is. Plus, I admit I haven’t fully embraced the “Condiment Bar” moniker. While I respect the clever … ah, frak it. Why soft pedal the truth? We’re all adults here. I’ll just say it. I think ...

All Hail the Monkey Overlord! 96

All things equal, we could do a lot worse in this world. My, what a funny caption. It reminds me of something else…can’t quite place it…

25 April 09 Game Thread 13

Radio only game, Braden vs. Garza Sweeney Cabrera Giambi Holiday Cust Nomar Buck Ellis Powell Insert clever xbx edit here.

042409 Game thread: Beavis Truck With Dutch 20

Welcome to Kazmiristan. Sweeney Cabrera Garciaparra Holliday Cust Suzuki Chavez Ellis Crosby XbX edit: This game thread is sponsored by MLB09: The Show

Sometimes, the Condiment Bar e’ts *you* 88

Still no word on who’s being called up to take Gallagher’s spot on the active roster. Isn’t it a little early in the season for the annual Jersey Jack Custs off-day-filler piece? Though I did like this: There was no flooring, however. It was all rocks. “You’d hit a grounder, it would hit a rock ...

Ports, anyone? 79

Batgirl and I have been passing notes and whispering about getting a gang together to go to Stockton for a Ports game this summer. She found a bunch of details about seating and pricing and stuff, which I’ll leave for her to share with the rest of the fkwit class because even though she already ...

CB042309 – “Johnny Bench has been disqualified for walking” 126


042209 game thread 43

Travis Buck Death Watch

4/22/09 Condiments? Don’t you have to talk to the pharmacist for those? 24

I have nothing to offer, except my extensive knowledge of signs and my extensive knowledge of literature. Other than that, I’m clueless. Do you see what happens when you take a man to the Alps? JoePo tries to come to terms with pitch counts. Reminds me of Eddie Izzard talking about the “two weeks we ...