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Sometimes, the Condiment Bar e’ts *you* 88

Still no word on who’s being called up to take Gallagher’s spot on the active roster. Isn’t it a little early in the season for the annual Jersey Jack Custs off-day-filler piece? Though I did like this: There was no flooring, however. It was all rocks. “You’d hit a grounder, it would hit a rock ...

Ports, anyone? 79

Batgirl and I have been passing notes and whispering about getting a gang together to go to Stockton for a Ports game this summer. She found a bunch of details about seating and pricing and stuff, which I’ll leave for her to share with the rest of the fkwit class because even though she already ...

CB042309 – “Johnny Bench has been disqualified for walking” 126


042209 game thread 43

Travis Buck Death Watch

4/22/09 Condiments? Don’t you have to talk to the pharmacist for those? 24

I have nothing to offer, except my extensive knowledge of signs and my extensive knowledge of literature. Other than that, I’m clueless. Do you see what happens when you take a man to the Alps? JoePo tries to come to terms with pitch counts. Reminds me of Eddie Izzard talking about the “two weeks we ...

A Dream Fermented 9

I am a Krauter, pure and true. You Kraut for me, I Kraut for you. I Kraut in Winter, Summer, Fall and Spring. I’d even Kraut without a tasty chicken wing (though I’d rather not have to).

The Buckless Trip: game thread 042109 164

I’ve never been a fan of Buck, but this is ridiculous.

Condiment Bar 042109: My smilin’ face on the cover of the Cond’ment Bar 122

Now, I’m aware that one may question the DogMa’s choice of subject (and S-O), but her talent is something at which I, as a card-carrying member of the Fine-Motor Challenged, can only marvel.� So I’m showing-off this recent evidence thereof. And like Michelangelo, she does contract-out her art for special occasions and occasional ceilings — ...

Condiment Bar 042008: cuteness overload 145

[youtube=] And remember, I still have baby pictures to deploy as part of my armamentarium.

New Thread! 109

Here is a cute otter, courtesy of the good folks at Because it is timely