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The Grill, 20 January 2010 144

1. Grant goes inside the mind of Brian Sabean to explain the Molina signing: It’s a no-brainer. Of course. Molina is a proven RBI man, and all Posey has done is hit well in the upper minors. We wouldn’t know how Posey would hit until he received playing time in the majors, and we certainly ...

One Adam Dunn and eight Endy Chavezes: The Grill 011910 105

Jack Cust: still your TTO champeen Honorable Mention (second tier) I thought “good-hearted but not well-thought-out” referred to the decision to rely on Eric Chavez the last 3 years. (On-topic Yglesiasm: “I wonder if Google will threaten to stop operating in the United States once it turns out our government’s been up to snooping malfeasance.”) ...

F(il)K: Prints on the Mound 8

Drat! No luck embedding the video. [Original lyrics here.] With apologies to Leopold Bloom: Prints on the Mound Prints on the mound, prints on the mound Workin’ like a tool with yo’ prints on the mound Green ‘n gold in yo’ mouth Head turned, sighed, “A’s…”, plans hit the ground Call yourself a “Bloom”, cat? ...

Gio + Cunningham for Kouzmanoff+1 or Hairston + 2 for Kouzmanoff or this one apparently is true Kouzmanoff + minor leaguer for Hairston and Cunningham 148

http://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2010/01/athletics-to-acquire-kevin-kouzmanoff.html pending physicals, sez “source close to the Padres. Gio + Cunningham is probably generically better, but the A’s need a 3B… Kouzmanoff is pretty much an exactly league average player. Should definitely improve the team for 2010-11… I don’t mind giving up Cunningham, but I mind giving up Gio moderately-to-a-lot. Slusser sezThe A’s acquire ...

Surprise Progress: The Grill 011510 94

… and when there was no baseball, we watched football and when there was no football, we watched jai alai and when there was no jai alai to be found, we watched the Tribe. Christ … not an asshole? mikeA’s favorite team All in the Valley of Paradise/Rode the 14 Being truthful is always the ...

Whatever-it’s-called The Grill 1-14-10 82

1. Like Fack Youk, I liked McGwire better before all this apology nonsense.  FY on how contrary to what Poz says, McGwire’s apology is little better than A-Rod’s (courtsey of Poz) 2. I’ve enjoyed following this Lane Kiffin-to-USC thing.  Enjoyed reading initial reactions (Ratto & Plaschke) but the guy who’s probably having the most fun ...

Sometimes… 12

One of the worst possible things happens in a place that doesn’t need bad things happening. Especially at the worst possible time. Two donation links that Cowen says are reputable. "There's never enough time to do all the nothing you want"

Grillin’ It! Jan. 12, 2010 333

We got Abu Ghraib.  We got torture and Guantanamo and violation of our privacy and civil rights.  But not giving Mark immunity?!  Alberto Gonzalez, j’accuse!  Regardless of your politics, you’ve got to admit this was an asshat move.

Dan Johnson signs with some team starting with an “R”: The Grill 011110 248

Well this certainly is puzzling I’m blacker than Barack Obama, and so is Meesus Moonkeyball! NBC = the Mets A-fuckin’-mazing you better hope to God you don't show up in this little community, because you'll wish you had never come

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