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John Wayne Was a Ranger 178

MDC had it right. In fact, John Wayne played a Texas Ranger in the 1961 film The Comancheros, teaming with his captured fugitive to fight a criminal gang running whiskey and guns to the Comanches. John Wayne kills the gang AND the Comanches, natch, frees the fugitive to run off with the chief’s daughter, and ...

Angel? has your center folded? 371

take your time mike. they need you for the detroit series. #Angels Mike Trout (hamstring) said he's feeling better every day. He wants to play as soon as possible. Not available tonight. — Jeff Fletcher (@JeffFletcherOCR) May 8, 2017 Nolasco v Graveman Meyer (who?) v Cotton (on the MLB app, he gets his forst letter ...

You can’t hurry wins; no, you just have to wait 236

How many heartaches must we stand before we find a team to let us win again? Motown at Oaktown for three: Friday 7:05: Michael Fulmer vs. Triggs Saturday 6:05: Jordan Zimmermann vs. Hahn Sunday 1:05: Justin Verlander Daniel Norris vs. Gray (oh yeah, the Tigers were rained out yesterday)

@ the Twins; Sonny Back 271

Rajai too

Game Thread of the Astros Orbital Decay 166

My last game thread sucked, so I’m going to jump right back on the horse. Get ready to endure lots of orange all weekend from Enron Field Minute Maid Park. Friday at 5:10: Cotton vs. Charlie Morton Saturday at 4:10: Triggs vs. Joe Musgrove Sunday at 11:10: Hahn vs. Dallas Keuchel

Time to play “Stick the pitchfork in the Angel” 177

Scioscia’s bullpen is a toxic dump. Beat the bullpen once and split the other two is a good formula for a road series win. Same Bat Time of 7 p.m., same Bat Channel for all three. Tuesday: Hahn vs. JC Ramirez Wednesday: Manaea vs. Matt Shoemaker Thursday: Graveman vs. Ricky Nolasco

Here comes Seattle. FK. 271

I find Mariners series to be especially tedious for some reason. To bad my next business trip is not until next Monday – otherwise, I could’ve missed nearly the whole thing. Anyway, four games with the M’s. Whoopee.

Mess with Texas 191

Cotton vs. A.J. Griffin, today Triggs vs. Darvish, Tues. Hahn vs. Martin Perez, Wed.

Return of Reddick Game Thread 165

Keuchel vs. Graveman McCullers vs. Manaea Morton vs. Cotton Let’s drop an upper decker on these guys.

Don’t Get Royally Screwed game thread 294

Today: Cotton vs. Ian Kennedy, 1:15 (MLB Network/ Free Game of the Day) Tuesday: Unneeded off day Wednesday: Triggs vs. ever-popular ex-Athletic Jason Hammel, 5:15 (now on MLB Network/ FGotD due to conflict with Sharks playoff game) Thursday: Hahn vs. Jason Vargas, 5:15