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Summer Cramp Grill 9

A mere fortnight of “Camp Coliseum” is all that remains before the alleged start of the “season.” Whether Krusty shows up or not, we can still have a good time here grilling.

Long Day’s Journey Into Nought 274

The days are already getting shorter again, and baseball seems as long ago and as far away as it has ever been. Ah well, the past is the present, isn’t it? It’s the future too. So let’s keep grilling.

June Thread Mojo 235

That May thread was clearly cursed. Let’s try a new one. Six civil rights and democracy runs please.

The Musty Month of May 380

Time to throw open the windows for a bit and let some air circulate. The smell of humans hunkering down without sports is getting oppressive.

CACTUS-19 228

The A’s actually have 20 Cactus League games under their belts, but a couple of those were split squad, and there was an offday, so… After a slow start to spring, the A’s are 13-7, and generally looking like a team that is ready for the season, whether the rest of us are allowed in ...

Cactus tripping. Don’t eclipse the sun! 266

A new thread as we head into the heart of Cactus League season. We have a Glen/Dallas telecast tonight and an election tomorrow to juice up the comment count. I’ll be driving down on Thursday for a few in-person games, my first in Arizona since the dawn of the Billy Butler Era in 2015. First ...

Grilled Cactus 243

Believe it or not, the A’s begin Cactus League play this evening, unless it rains, which it might. The roster kind of is what it is at this point: good. Much as I will try to get invested in Barreto vs. Mateo, Vimael Machin, and who is the eighth reliever, I’m mostly just rooting against ...

Running in Place Grill 190

This time of year I always feel like my legs are moving but I’m not getting anywhere. Spring Training will be here before we know it, though, and the scenery will finally start to change again. Meanwhile, the A’s are obviously content to run in place with a good-but-flawed roster, hoping that the arrival of ...

Waiting Room Grill 349

73 days until Opening Day 29 days until pitchers and catchers 21 days until the Iowa caucuses 12 days until Fan Fest 10 days until the new Picard show What are you waiting for? Let’s grill.

Non-tender is the day 65

Treinen and Jurkstore are still likely to be non-tendered if they are not traded before the deadline today, with Phegley and Buchter also possibilities, per Slusser. Other candidates around the league include Addison Russell, who the A’s wisely gave up as part of a brilliant plan to acquire Marcus Semien, and has had issues on ...