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Lounge: Avoiding responsibilities 169

I don’t want to go back to work tomorrow. I was off 7 days. Worked one day before that. Was off 13 days before that one day of work. That shit is hard.   TWSS

Don’t Start a Ri-ot: Grillin, Is what I got 232

The last grill was so full of Revy goodness that it seems like we need to get some fresh links up in here.

Grilling around 374

1. California moves closer to banning chewing tobacco at sport venues (would that include the spectators?) 2. The future is here and it is called StatCast (while I’m not that excited about it being incorporated into live transmissions, its addition to the well of the data that the analysts can use is of enormous importance. If it ever ...

The Grill of the Second Week 451

An open letter to all of my colleagues: It’s called the HOME opener because the team is at HOME.  That team’s HOME is 2.3 miles from our office.  So if you’re really a fan of that team, why aren’t you there (or at least somewhere nearby), instead of making me watch your goddamned fool broadcasters ...

GrA’seful Beginning of Season Grill 236

This story makes me happy. “I don’t want to just be a grumpus anymore,” he says. “I want to be a dad.” This story makes me sad. “…not enough money was offered to do the script the way I felt it needed to be done.” Jeff Samardzija reviews the finer hotels of San Francisco: “I’d ...

Opening Days Lounge 87

I’m a wee bit manic right now, watching the 1975 All Star Game in lieu of access to the Cubs and Cardinals, which I was totally willing to pay for, but due to MLB being bastards and not taking my money, I’m not. All these 1975 commercials make me want to own a Buick Skylark. ...

Akward End of Spring Grill 416

You know, its not the end end, but its close, and you just want real baseball to start. Melvin likes way the defense is coming together, says front office always quick to address deficiencies. Defense a plus this year. — Susan Slusser (@susanslusser) March 28, 2015 Has he not paid attention to who has been ...

This is your Lounge. 68

This is your Lounge on hugs.   Group hug?

Got scraped across my grill 385

Five of the last six posts are tv show recaps, so I figured it was time to add a new thread for spring training, march madness, etc. Fangraphs has an optimistic take on Billy Butler here. I’m still bracing myself for an infuriating number of double play balls though. Comment thread fights about whether Fangraphs ...

Your Wish is my Command Grill 380

This one is for FSU. I sold my company last week, so I suppose I’ve got some free time to make grills. Of course I have no links, so there is that… I do have an adorable video of Teddy Bear the porcupine eating corn on the cob.