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We dont get fireworks, but we get a game thread. 112

So I believe there is a tailgate and Star Trek fireworks. But for us NRAFs and those too busy to make it out, lets talk.    

I’ll Wade In :: Game Thread :: May 17 :: Royals 96

Let’s do this.

Off day Grill 244

1. Pretty I can’t wait till it is done to lesser pitchers. So far, it looks, to me at least, most pitchers are going to have similar release points for all their pitches. 2. These people blow my mind.. I really want adam rosales, the next time he bounces out to third, to just stay ...

A’s game, next in order rangers ranging rangily. 99

Line up Crisp jaso lowrie cespedes moss donaldon smith barton sogard for straily…for the first 4.

Buongiorno, Principessa! 70

Florence is one hell of a town. Your frown it will turn upside down. The art and the wine And the women are fine, But I can’t seem to find any Crown.     Crown Royal, that is. Except at the hotel bar, but I had to stop going there because of embarrassing behavior by ...

Game: Sec 215, holla! 383

A’s clad in beautiful, classic, Crispless home whites.

Grill 0514: Who’s got tickets? 176

Pretty funny tale of the quest for tickets for last Friday’s Warriors game, by the Chron’s Peter Hartlaub. I won’t spoil the punchline, except to say D’Oh! Per the Trib, Reddick’s wrist is still hurting and the words “wrist surgery” have entered the discussion of possibilities. Per the Sluss-less-beat, Coco looking strong for a Wednesday ...

FK it – I’ll try again. Rangers at A’s 63

game 39 – for your mother 80

behind milone: rosy, SS; lowy, 2; cespy, CF; betty (than), 3B; montzy, DH, norry, C; frei-y, 1; mossy, RF; tay-ee, LF.   behind saunders: a buncha guys in turquoise trim with no cute nicknames at all.   title-relevant non-embeddable song here.

The Official Lounge of the Officially Proclaimed Oakland Cat Video Day, May 11, 2013 86

This was today. Enjoy the last half hour of the officially proclaimed Day of the Cat Video. I had a ticket, but I decided to stay home and enjoy the game with all of you. But I missed a chance to see the Oakland artist who created this doing a demo.  The Puking Kitty Saucy Boat ...